Peddocks Island Day 1

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After our rain delay/rain out, we finally made it to Peddocks Island… one day late.  After hiking the LONG hike uphill to our site, I am so glad we didn’t attempt it during the torrential rainstorm.

It was a big enough hassle getting our stuff from the van to the ferry, off the ferry, on to the other ferry, off that ferry, and then up the long hike up hill to our site… but the weather was gorgeous.  And once we were there and set up, it was pretty much perfect.

If you ask the kids, they will all unanimously agree that camping on the island was there favorite part of their vacation.  I honestly liked the whole week for different reasons, but it was a truly relaxing and fabulous way to finish out the week.

After setting up camp, we explored the old army fort.  We got an awesome, private tour from the island historian.  Then we walked down to the beach and camped out for the rest of the day.  The kids happily played in the sand, rocks, and water, while Scott and I read books.  Then when we felt like it, we went up to our site and grabbed the fixings for dinner and made a campfire dinner back down on the beach.  After making smores, we went back up the hill lit with fireflies and snuggled up in the tent, each with a lantern and a book.



This truly was her happy place.  This is my child, who LOVES LOVES the feel of dirt and sand on her skin.  She always has.  She spent hours laying in the dirt and digging without a care in the world.  I loved watching her.



Ahhh……. it was perfect. So many wonderful memories, so many wonderful moments just enjoying each other.


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  1. Terrific And a great way to end a vacation - RELAXING - before going home to busy life again. Great pictures.


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