The Circus Family is a Growing


Since the passing of our beloved dog Maggie, there has been a void in our home.  I missed her immensely more than I ever anticipated.   And while no dog could ever replace her or what she meant to our family, we felt it time to once again hear the pitter patter of doggie feet in the circus home. 

But, we needed to wait until we were home from our grand adventure before welcoming a new pup to the family.  So, at about South Dakota, I started searching the internet hard for Corgi puppies in our area.  We wanted a pup as soon as possible after we got home.  The timing would be ideal as it would give us 2 months to fully focus on training her before school starts again.  I was growing discouraged as I wasn’t finding ANY Corgi puppies (even after extending the search far beyond our area).  The window of opportunity would be lost and our void would continue.

Then the crazy thing happened.  When we were driving to my parents, we were about 10 miles from their house on a small, sparsely populated country road we had no business being on (google maps is not always the most direct path if you know the area… but we followed it the whole trip… why stop now)  when I saw a sign small white sign in someone's yard that read “Pembrooke Welsh Corgi Puppies” and listed a phone number.  It seemed far to weird and random to be true but we quickly turned around for a closer look.  You know how discouraged people in the desert see things they want to see even when they aren’t real?  It felt kinda like that… but this was real!  We got the number and began calling right away.  Unfortunately, it worked out that we could not establish contact until we were all the way home (5 hours away).  But when we did we learned she really did have puppies available and at the right age to be picked up!!  Praise God!

But of course now we had the problem of picking out, and picking up, a dog that we were 5 hours away from.

Picking one out turned out to be surprisingly easy and affirming. When I spoke with the breeder I asked if any of the puppies were particularly snuggly… liked to be held and sit on your lap.  “Oh, yes, I know just the one,” she said.  “Baby girl… we bottle fed her and she loves to snuggle on your lap and be held.”   I asked her for a picture and she sent me one with 4 puppies in it.  I had no idea which one was the one she described, but I found myself hoping it was the one with the cute white marking on her face.  The marking is not traditional corgi but I told Scott we were going to have a real problem if the one she described wasn’t the one with the cute white mark on her face.  “How will we decide because that one is SO CUTE?”

Turns out we didn’t have to decide as it was one in the same dog.  We were instantly sold and smitten and now just had to solve the dilemma of how to get this puppy which was 5 hours away.

Mom and Dad to the rescue.  My parents graciously picked up the puppy for us, foster cared her for a few days, and met us at a Wendy’s parking lot half way between their house and ours so we could bring her home. (THANKS MOM AND DAD!!)

Today we brought home the newest member of the Circus Family!


She loves to snuggle on your lap and be held.  She’s mellow and easy going in the house… and playful outside. 


In a word, she’s perfect.  And no, I am not at all biased.  We all agree.


It has sort-of evolved such that we have always named our dogs after a location of significance to the circus family.  We tried to contrive a name that worked with our new street address / community but nothing really fit.  We were all ready to branch out into a new unrelated name as we drove away from the rendezvous point.  That’s when it hit me…

Meet Wendy.  The newest member to the circus crew.



  1. She is JUST too cute. Hello Wendy.

  2. So exciting!! She's adorable!

  3. I miss her already! But foster parents know they are only giving temporary love and care until the permanent adoptive family takes them for life. So glad we will have "visitation"

  4. She's beautiful! Give her a hug for me.

  5. We can't wait to meet her! Eli loved looking at the pictures. Wendy is the perfect name with a perfect story! Welcome to the family!


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