More on the Cat and the Dog


Seems all of my posts recently are animal related, but truthfully, that is Life At The Circus these days… it’s all about the animals.  Holding them, taking them potty, fighting over them…


Hands down the youngest two are my biggest animal lovers.  My oldest son has taken way more to the cat than he thought though, he was surprised by how snuggly the kitten is and loves to hold her (though he has taken to either wearing layers of shirts or sweaters b/c he is not a fan of the scratching).  And it turns out my oldest daughter really enjoys changing the liter box (hooray) even more so than actually holding the kitten.   She likes taking care of the cat… making sure the liter box is cleaned out, the food and water are filled…  totally works for me. 


This dog is amazingly good with the kids.  When we had 11 little kids here for our daughter’s birthday party, she CHOSE to be in the middle of them all, being chased or petted.  IMG_5288

The cat too loves to be with us.  If she is hiding under furniture, she will come quickly when you call “kitty kitty kitty”  At meal times when we put her down she likes to be by us.  We’ve rigged a spot for her by the dining room table that allows her to be up from the ground but in close proximity to the family.    One day she wandered out on top of the closet in our foyer area.  The kids were all worried she’d jump, but she just watched for a bit and then wandered back to the landing.  Meanwhile Wendy chooses to rest either under the table or on the AC vent behind the table so she too is close by.


Cartwheel puts up with TONS from the kids… like being put to bed in the American Girl doll bunk… or just the fact that she tolerates my three year old carrying her around the house.  And who knew kittens enjoyed reading Magic Tree house books?





She also likes to play with trains and legos!  No wonder she fits in so well here.





In the 6 days we’ve had Cartwheel, I have already noticed the 2 pets warming up to each other.  Wendy doesn’t bark nearly as much and Cartwheel does still hiss at her now and then, but last night they were playing in our room and even tolerated both laying down on our bed.  Then this afternoon I sat down to work on the computer and the cat jumped up beside me… a few minutes later the dog joined her!  There was a little hissing, but they laid down next to each other for a few minutes… long enough for me to call my son and ask him to snap a picture!  I’d say we are making progress on that front!



  1. I was just wondering today how the new pets were doing. Love the stories and pictures. I remember dressing my kitten in doll clothes when I was their age :-)

  2. So glad to see this post. I had missed the first one. Animal happiness is such a great kind of happiness :)

  3. I am astounded, really. I been there and I've seen all of the loving those little animals get. I can't tell if I'm most impressed by Cartwheel being tucked into bed, or the two of them snuggled up to each other. SOOOOO grateful you got two great pets!

  4. This is awesome. I actually got out of bed to check on the furry circus members because I was wondering if things were settling down. I'm sure it will get better and better.


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