On Turning Six


This weekend we celebrated our youngest daughter’s 6th birthday.  Since her reoccurring theme of the year was all things feline, it came as no surprise to me when she requested we have a cat themed birthday party. 

Because she doesn’t like cake, she requested brownies with little plastic cats on each one.  (For real, those were her exact words)  I was more than happy to grant that simple request. (hands down easiest birthday cake I’ve done for one of my kids)


She also wanted a piñata.  I was a bit nervous about pulling this one off, but we were actually able to find a kitty cat piñata  at the party store.   I’ve done a lot of piñatas over the years, and I gotta say this was the best one we’ve had.  So often they are impossible to break, this one did actually break and it broke little by little giving everyone a chance to let out some candy.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it. Actually, we all got a kick out of watching them swing at the piñata.  Though it was a little odd to see all these children swinging a baseball bat at cute little kitty cat.  


When it came time to open her presents, the gift from her siblings (and thus Mom and Dad as well) was a scratching post to signify that we are going to grant her request of the past 6+ months and allow her to have a real kitten.   Her older brother came to us months ago and asked if he could get her a kitten for her birthday.  Looks like the circus family is about to grow even more as we are on the look out for a kitty cat to join this crazy crew!



  1. A very fun day. Can't wait to meet the kitten.

  2. She is so sweet. I love her smile and she seemed to be All smiles.


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