An Eye Opening Experience


I couldn’t believe how many old clichés took on a whole new meaning and relevancy to Scott and I last night when we welcomed our cat into our family. 

When I responded to the ad on Craigs List, I asked if there were any female kittens still available.  She replied, that I was the first to respond to her ad, and so I could have the pick of the liter if I wanted to stop by that evening and take a look.

When we got to her house, she had 5 kittens and one Momma cat.  At one point we were trying to get all three of the females together so we could compare them. Every time she’d get two together one would take off, it was impossible to wrangle all three of them to one spot.  Just as I was thinking to myself “so that’s why they say it’s like herding cats,”  Scott actually said to her, “gee it’s like your herding cats” which made all of us laugh as she said she too was thinking the same thing.

When we got home and set about to introduce Wendy to Cartwheel, the clichés kept on coming… Our dog was none to please with the arrival of the cat and Scott noticed that she had her ears pinned back.  (or in the case of our big eared pup, they were more flying out to the side).  And I definitely noticed when Cartwheel’s hair literally stood on end.


I guess I was kind of surprised to see their reaction.  To be honest, I thought they’d kind of smell each other and then become BFF like in Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey or something.  But, their response was so innate.  They genuinely did not like each  from the beginning.   At this point I was literally cracking up laughing as I said to Scott, “These two fight like cats and dogs!”


  1. This is just a perfect addition to the circus!! But they need added to your border at the top - ok Scott??

  2. No offense but having owned a cat and a dog at the same time and having cats for years some of your comments are cracking me up. I know your experience will be unique to you guys so I'm keeping my comments to myself but this is REALLY funny to me. Thanks for sharing! I'm hoping we will get a canine friend after we come back from the beach in August.


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