One of My Favorite Things…


There are lots of things that I truly appreciate about our new house.  Among the top is the location.  This came as a surprise to many of our friends, because at first glance the location seems less than ideal.   A large majority of our life is centered 20-25 minutes away from our house… our church, our tutorial, gymnastics, and many of our friends. 

However, one of the most important and integral parts of our family life is located a mere 2 miles away.


Before you raise your eyebrows in confusion, No, Scott doesn’t live 2 miles away.  He lives here with us.  However, his work is a a mere 2 miles away.  And the effect this has on our family life can not be overstated. 

Scott is able to eat breakfast with us every single morning.  In fact, this week for our “school at home days” we began our school day with Daddy praying and holding the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Then he went out the door to work and we sat at the table to begin school.  I LOVE that he is a part of the beginning of each day! 

But, it gets even better.

Two days a week we are at the gym in the evenings… right during dinner hour.  I pack dinner and feed the kids in the waiting room or in the van on these nights and Scott and I eat at home later.  It would seem then that we miss out on family meal time on those days.

But, we don’t. 

When possible, (so no, not EVERY time) Scott comes home for lunch on those days.  He can’t guarantee it, so I pack his lunch in the morning just in case.  But when it is within his control, he tries to come home on those days.  He can do this b/c it takes literally less than 5 minutes for him to go from his desk to our driveway.  I have lunch ready, he joins us and he’s back to work within the hour. 


I LOVE it!!! 

And in my opinion it makes the longer drives to church, school, gymnastics, and our friends houses worthwhile. 

This week, we had lunch with Daddy twice!


  1. YAY for days filled with Daddy!!!!

  2. That's wonderful!!!

    That's the same reason we are hoping to get a house on post when we move to Ft. Bliss.

  3. I can't agree with you more! The more daddy can be a part of life even during the work day, the better!


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