A New Beginning


Scott commented the other day that he feels the passage of time more noticeably at the beginning of the school year, rather than on the kids birthdays. 

I think he’s right.


Especially this year, when I packed up three backpacks and three lunch boxes and lined up 3 kids for pictures at the front door. 

We have our Kindergartener, on her very first day of school ever.  IMG_6512

Followed by our first grader. IMG_6521

And, then our third grader.


They were all eager to go to “school at the building” today at their tutorial.  I wonder if they’ll be as excited tomorrow for “school at the kitchen table.” I think, by far, the most excited was my 5 year old… she’s been eagerly waiting for her turn for several years now.  IMG_6545

I hope and pray that it is a good school year for all of us. 


  1. The matching outfits for the AG dolls are precious!! Where did you find them?? Congrats on the 1st day of school (and on three)!

  2. I pray that you all have a great school year, too!!!

  3. Thanks! Kristen, my mom made the outfits for Kit and Molly. Actually, all the outfits Kit and Molly have (except for the ones they came in) were made by Grandma. We are so blessed to have a seamstress in the fam. :)

  4. They all look so grown up and eager for a new year

  5. Looking so grown up!!! Your Kindergartner looks so excited to tackle school! Hope you all have a great first week. It must be hard to believe that you have a few hours with the littlest circus member by himself!

  6. Oh my goodness. Knee socks and pigtails? I don't think those pictures could get any cuter. And since when did I have a nephew in 3rd grade?!? I don't even recognize them! These pictures are perfection, Crystal. They are all getting so big.


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