Even the Otterbox Has its Limits


The morning was going well… kids on time for tutorial, load of laundry in the washer and dryer, even took the van to the garage for some repairs.

And then, because things can’t go THAT smoothly…..

photo (18)


Yea… turns out even the otterbox can’t protect your phone when it’s  been thrown off the side of a van and run over on the side of a highway. 

And, no, this had NOTHING to do with the new iphone 5 coming out today. 

After Scott dropped me off to pick up the van, I brought the car seat, the 2 yr old, and my 3 other bags over to the van.  Scott helped me strap in the car seat and we were all set.  As he started to pull away, I realized I didn’t know where my phone was so I stopped him to check and see if it was in his car.  It wasn’t.  He called my phone and I could hear it faintly in the van… though it sounded muffled, but since I heard it, I figured the volume had been turned down and it was in one of the bags. 

Away I drove. 

And then after driving about a mile, when I merged onto the highway and starting picking up speed, I heard a clunk.

Only then did I think, “I wonder if it sounded faint b/c it was on the outside of my van….”

There wasn’t a place to pull over, and I was running late to get the kids, so I kept going.  I can’t remember sticking it on top of the van, but I couldn’t shake that clunk I heard, so I pulled over later to double check those bags.  

When I got to the tutorial, I asked a friend to call it.  Heard nothing. 

So, I headed back to where I heard that clunk.

And the whole time I kept thinking how great it would be to find it still working and how I’d write a blog post about how wonderful the otterbox is.

photo (18)

I thought I saw my case on the side, couldn’t really find a place to pull over.

This turned around and  tried again. 

Still not sure, was that my case?  Why would just my case be there?  Would someone take my phone from the case?

Went back to the garage.  They didn’t see it.  They tried calling it.

Drove by again.

This time I didn’t see it.  Did someone take it?  (see how naïve I am?)

The girls had a birthday party to go to in less than an hour, we had to buy the gift.  Went to the toy store.  They let me call Scott and fill him in.  Got the present, they wrapped it for free AND let the girls use their potty.  (BEST TOY STORE EVER)

OK, last time… praying for a place to pull over and no traffic. 

Amazingly, the road was clear, we saw the case, I pulled over, hazards on, made a dash for the case, found the case, and my phone in parts. 

photo (18)

The screen laid cracked on the curb, sheets of the screen like  those magic doodle pads that you can write on and then left up and it clears, and the case in 2 parts, I snatched the case and as many pieces of the phone I could find and raced to the van… one car passed me…

Not exactly the blog post I was hoping to write as I headed back looking for the phone. 

But, thankfully the SIM card was still in tact so we could do a little phone rearranging this evening.  


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