A Special Anniversary


This weekend marked an anniversary of a life changing event in my life.  In fact, one could say that my life is very, very different as a result of it.

2 years ago while on our annual Labor Day cabin trip I did something I had never done before. 

I finished a cup of coffee.

Sure, I had had a sip once or twice, hoping to like it like my friends… but I never really cared for it.

And so I gave up, b/c ignorance is bliss.  But I found myself begging my husband to become a coffee drinker just so our house could have that wonderful aroma of coffee brewing each morning.

He wasn’t interested in “becoming addicted to a drug,” as he put it.

I don’t know what changed 2 years ago… maybe it was the hormones from child number 4, maybe it was that I finally tasted good coffee (the bolder and stronger the better in my book), but I fell in love 2 years ago and there is no going back.coffee

I drink a good 4-6 cups a day.  I love the smell, I love the taste, I love the warmth, I love the feel of the mug in my hand as I sip all morning long.  I typically top mine off throughout the morning, it keeps it at just the right temp.  I like mine with sugar, no milk or cream. 

I actually went from never drinking the stuff, to a coffee snob.  I like the good stuff.  I like it bold.  I like it freshly roasted and freshly ground.

And then to make life even sweeter, this winter my little brother became a coffee roaster and sells his own beans.  I ordered from him the first time because he is my brother and that’s what sisters do.  But, I became a subscriber (which means that I get my coffee shipped monthly to my door) because it is that good and I didn’t want to deal with those terrible headaches I got when I ran out of coffee and had to wait for my next shipment.  It’s good stuff people. 

Fall is just around the corner… I am eager for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and then peppermint flavored coffee. 


  1. I agree with your husband on this one but on a different note I recognize that place in the picture. I've been there.

  2. Wow. I remember the first time I had a cup of coffee. I was five, I wanted to drink it like Mommy and Daddy so my mom let me have a mug of decaf that was 25% coffee, 70% milk and 5% sugar. I remember sitting on the steps to our deck drink it and feeling very grown up even if it wasn't the WAY they drank it. But I honestly have no idea when I started drink it regularly. I do know it was a huge part of my life at least in highschool if not middle. Also of course you became a coffee "snob" if you didn't drink it for years why would you suddenly be like "oh! I want to drink this poorly roasted burnt stuff that has sat pre-ground for who knows how many months that sounds great!"

  3. Happy Anniversary! I always like moving overseas because it allows me to drop down to 2 cups a day, then I slowly work back up to a good 5-6 cups. At work I have to use instant - thank goodness for Starbucks VIA.

  4. very fun...Rebecca says I've become this "way" too (read: snobby) these past couple years - I say it's partly due to the networking in my business, and the natural tendency to be around food/drinks, etc., and then partly because someone introduced me last year to Caffe Pronto (Ceremony Coffee Roasters) in Annapolis. I have to say, hands down it's the best coffee (especially espresso-based drinks) I've had, outside of going to either Seattle or Italy! anyhow, if you haven't tried them out, definitely check them out! hope you guys are doing well...maybe that'll give us an excuse to have you up this fall..I can make you a nice latte ;) (although if you don't like milk i can do a regular brew or pour-over... or an americano for you) take care and tell Scott hello for me.

  5. Chrystal, this is Hilarious! Loved reading this.

  6. I have to laugh that this is about coffee, because when I saw the title of the blog, a part of me panicked thinking that I'd missed some big milestone in your family. Ha! Well, I guess I had. We definitely need a Starbucks date, then. :)


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