Who Needs a Bed?

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I’ve written before about the crazy places and positions I’ve found my kids sleeping in.  It appears child number 4 is no exception to the random sleeping locations of the circus crew.

Last night, when I went upstairs for bed, I found him asleep in his door way like this.


Today at nap time, I again went up the stairs to find him out of his room. IMG_5694

It appears he’s taken a preference for sleeping in the hallway/landing area of our home.   Because, really when you want comfort, who doesn’t think Berber carpet?


I feared however, this would prove a problem when his sister came out of her room before he was ready to wake from his nap, so I moved him back to his bed before it was too late.  Thankfully, my timing was pretty good as he stirred slightly and settled back to sleep. 


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