Choo Choo

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His favorite thing these days is Choo Choos.  He was so excited at Target the other day when we went down the Thomas aisle.  “Choo Choo right there”  he pointed excitedly, over and over. 


He always sleeps with at least one choo choo in his hand and is super thrilled with the choo choo mattress sheet his Grandma made for him.  He also LOVES to wear his choo choo shirt, or bathing suit.  And is thrilled with his choo choo book from the library.  He literally jumps up and down if the kids turn Thomas on the tv.  He will point over and over “Look choo-choo!”  “Choo Choo right there!”


It’s so fun for me to see him enjoy something all his own.  He fell in love with trains on his own right, not because his brother or sisters liked it and it’s really the first thing he’s latched on to like that. 


I love seeing him grow into a little person with his own likes/dislikes/opinions/passions.

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  1. He is so cute playing with the trains. Glad he liked his new sheets


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