Giving Thanks

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The 4th of July kind of reminds me of Thanksgiving.  I think the two go hand and hand really.  Because as we celebrate the birth of our nation, our independence and our freedom, how can we not give thanks?  We have so much that we’ve grown to believe we’re entitled to all of it and more.  

In the midst of a fun filled day of family and friends, of parades, and flags, burgers and hot dogs, fire works and red-white-and-blue, I want to pause a few minutes to reflect. photo (14)

We have so much.  So, very, very, very much. 

I’m educated and have the right to educate my children how I see fit.  I am allowed to worship whomever I want, however I choose without fear of my life.  I feel safe.  In fact, pretty much most of the time, I feel safe.  I have a voice which can be heard.  For so many woman in the world, this is not the case. 

I am thankful.  Thankful for the sacrifices of men and women now and in the past to preserve our freedom.  Thankful for our forefathers who founded this great nation with such wisdom.  Thankful to be an American.  Not because I think Americans are better than the rest of the world, but I do think we have it easier than the rest of the world. 

“America, America, God shed His grace on thee.”

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  1. Thanks for the great reflection on our bountiful blessings. Such cute parade participants there.


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