My 5 year old


She’s my free spirit.

My morning girl.

My glass half full child. 

She loves to create… always drawing, writing letters or pictures, doodling on any paper she can find. 

She’s very verbal.  When I put her in her room for quiet time, I often think someone has snuck in there with her b/c I hear her talking away—only to discover she’s talking to her self, or reciting things she heard on the radio or TV.

She loves music and will randomly break out in song and sing whatever thought pops into her head. 

She’s my peacemaker. 

She loves to dress up… loves skirts and dresses and color… lots of color.

photo (17)

She loves to perform. 

She participates in gymnastics and soccer and whatever else she does because she enjoys it, wanting to do well, but I don’t see a competiveness about her.  She loves games- Old Maid and matching are two of her favorites.


She is self confident.  I’ve heard her say “Well, I just don’t know how to read like so and so even though she is younger than me”  or “Well, I can’t ride my bike down the hill like you can” and she says it very matter of factly.  She is sure of who she is, she knows her limitations and they don’t bother her.  Conversely, when she sets her mind to something, she catches on rather quickly.  She just has to want to do it and she can ride with 2 wheels, stop sucking her fingers, learn to read… all of which she did rather quickly when she decided on her own she wanted to do them.  I guess she is self motivated.  Or works on her own schedule.

She def marches to the beat of her own drum.  IMG_2649

I see so much in her at 5 that I hope I can somehow foster and nurture so that it is there in a more mature form at 15.  I don’t want to squelch her creative spirit by telling her to color in the lines.  I love her self confidence and boldness.  I love that she isn’t afraid to be herself, even if it is different from those around her. 

I also love her dimple and her sweet sing songy voice… please tell me it won’t go away when she turns 5 b/c it is far to precious for her to grow out of it!


  1. Such a beautiful birthday tribute!!

  2. I love how you have so sweetly and specifically celebrated your little girl!!!


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