To Each Their Own


Some people like the feeling of sand beneath their toes.  I must say I do enjoy the squish of wet sand beneath my feet as the waves lap at my ankles. 

My children, however, have a whole different kind of love of sand.


One which truly baffles my mind.


EVERY SINGLE TIME we visit our community beach, it’s the same routine.  We drop our stuff in the sand and they make a mad dash for the water, they splash and play and swim and then, inevitably, they decide it’s time to hit the sand.


As in lay down with their wet selves on the sand and make “sand angels”IMG_2805

Being sure, of course, to flip and get both of their sides equally covered in sand


And to make sure they are fully, fully caked in the sand, they will pour handful upon hand full on top of themselves, IMG_2822

until they are covered in at least a solid inch or two of sand


And when they feel they’ve got it on them thoroughly, they’ll stand up, run into the water, and wash it off


Only, to run back out and repeat


Perhaps it’s their own version of a spa treatment with a little exfoliating scrub…or perhaps it’s just an excuse to get dirty, all I know is, it keeps them entertained for QUITE awhile and it typically results in a sandy bathtub when we get home. 

They couldn’t figure out why I didn’t want to join them.  While I was happy to sit in the sand with my feet in the water, I was not so eager to roll around caking my body in dirty sand.  Am I alone on this?  Is it a kid thing?  Thoughts?


  1. My brother used to do this all the time! And I'll be honest...I like a good sand in between my toes and legs and an arm or two! :)

  2. The thought of double-sided sand angels while wet makes me shiver in horror. Not a fan of sand unless it's only on my feet...for a short period of time.

  3. That is my kids to a T!! I cannot understand the appeal of having sand all up in your parts but never bothers them. The best, aka really the worst, is when you get them all rinsed off and clean to go home and the second you look away they are covered in sand again!

  4. You want to know something really sad?

    Whatever blog reader I use on my dashboard no longer sends me your updates! Google friend connect, maybe? I'm not sure why this is, but I'm so sad! I'll have to be more diligent about looking for the links on your facebook wall and checking in more often. :)

    I am not surprised your kids love the sand this way. When they love something, they go hard at it!

    I do not like sand. Period. I don't think that should come as a surprise. ;)

  5. I don't really know what to say. These pictures are worse than those poop pictures you like to put on your blog. My sons are NEVER allowed to go to the beach with your kids lest they learn bad habits.

    Because I'd like the beach fine if it wasn't for the sand and the salt. As in, I like pools.

    BUT, I'm glad they had fun! And that I didn't have to clean them off. :) Is this the day Scott came home early? Because if it was, then I take everything back and instead say, "That would totally be worth it."


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