Freezing This Moment in Time


This past week our oldest son turned 8.  As quickly as that time seems to have flown, it is frightening to me to realize in just as little time, he’ll be waving goodbye as he backs a car out of the driveway.   AACK!   In the midst of this busy stage of life, I want to take time to reflect on who he is now at this stage, so I can cherish and savor it for years to come. 


He is passionate… when he is interested in something he is fully interested in it… reading, watching, playing, dressing up as… essentially eating, drinking, and breathing in that topic.  This past year those passions have been Star Wars, the Revolutionary War, Ninjago and basketball. 

He is thoughtful.  In soccer this fall his coach gave him the gentleman’s award.  His coach told me that he was so considerate, always thanking him after every single practice and game.  He does the same in baseball.  I never have to remind him.  When practice is done, he eagerly runs over and starts helping to put away the bases.  Then he goes and says thank you to each coach.  It fills my heart with pride to see him do this on his own initiative. 


He is creative.  He can turn an old ring pop into a Green Lantern ring and a stick into a bow and arrow.  He’s great at writing stories and making costumes and props.  He def seems to be “right brained.”  Messes don’t bother him, in fact he “can’t sleep when my bed is made.” 



He is sensitive. This fall when his great grandpa passed away, he told Scott and I that he wanted to say something at his memorial service. We were both nervous for him, but he was insistent that he wanted to get up and talk about Great Grandpa. I was so proud of him as he walked up to the microphone. He looked out at all the people and you could see the panic in his face. Scott was behind him and encouraged him. He took a huge breath and read his paper. When he sat down he said to me, “That was a mistake.” My son, that was no mistake. It took courage and bravery to do what you did and I know it blessed your Nana and Daddy’s hearts more than you’ll ever realize. You made me proud that day and Great Grandpa was honored.

reading in car

One of my favorite pictures of my son from this past year is of him reading in our van on the way home from a trip to PA.  I love how much he loves to read and I truly enjoy hearing him tell me stuff he learned, “in a book I read once.”  Favorite books this past year were The Magic Tree House series, Cam Jansen, and currently The Boxcar Children.  He also just started reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.   

I love the way his tongue sticks out a little when he’s concentrating or working hard on something.  I love the way he loves his little brother and takes true joy and delight in him.   He is a great big brother to the circus crew and I am proud to have him leading the pack.

8 years old… almost finished with second grade… your right smack  in the middle of your childhood.  I love the glimpses I see of the man your growing up to be.  You make me proud for so many reasons.  But, I love you because your you.  I love who you are, and who God’s molding you to be and I am so thankful for the privilege of being your Momma.


  1. I have a nearly-eight-year-old, too, and this age truly does seem to be the "golden years" of childhood. *sigh* It's going fast, now!

  2. Sniff Sniff Few tears Precious post :-) He truly is growing up to be such a great little man. You really captured him today - great writing!

  3. tearing up :) So well written!

  4. I'm teary-eyed too, girl! What a post! I love that he thanks his coaches and picks up the bases without being asked, and that he eats, breathes and sleeps whatever he is into, and his creativity, and the man he is becoming too!

  5. Precious. "Right smack in the middle of his childhood" smacked me right in the face! They change so fast. You will be so happy to come back and remember these times. What a sweet boy.


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