It’s been really neat to watch the bond between my oldest and youngest.   Our baby was the answer to his older brothers prayers, as he longed to have a little brother.  I’ll never forget the look of pure joy when he found out he finally had a baby brother.   I know he can’t wait for the day when they can truly play together, but for now it is so neat to see the love between them blossom. 

Last night was proof that the love flows both ways.  The baby is used to falling asleep at night with his big brother on the bed across the room reading his book.   Last night, however, his big brother spent the night at a friends house.  So, when we put the obviously tired baby into his crib, he had his baby, his pacifier, light on, door closed…but no big brother across the room. 

When we walked out of the room, he was quiet for awhile.  Then he started crying… truly crying.  This is something he never really does when we put him down.  Typically, we put him to sleep and he will just lay quietly in his crib until he falls asleep.   I went back after awhile to see if maybe he lost his pacifier or something.  But, no he had everything he needed, yet he was crying.  After taking him out for a drink and laying him back down, he again started crying, REALLY CRYING. 

We both suspected it had something to do with the big brother missing from the bed beside him. 

So, Scott laid him down on his brothers bed.  He snuggled up and fell fast and sound asleep… for the entire night. 


It was his first night not sleeping in his crib…


sleeping soundly in his big brother’s bed…IMG_3299

It simply melts my heart…


  1. I love this and it is the prayer of another big brother here to someday have a little brother and I pray for my kids to have a wonderful heart melting relationship like yours do! Thank you for always sharing the joy of being a mom on your blogs and bringing the word fun to "everyday" life! God has greatly used you Crystal and I am so thankful for the impact you and your family have made upon my own. It truly is inspiring!

  2. Oh how precious!! Melts this grandma's heart. Great pictures. But when did he grow up SO FAST :-(

  3. Wow that is pretty awesome!

  4. smell625@hotmail.comThursday, April 05, 2012

    I love the pics! (and the stickers on the wall in the background. :)


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