An Unexpected Treat


March was a rough month at the circus.  Scott had some deadlines at work which meant he worked a lot of overtime.  This happens with his work and we’ve all learned to roll with it, but that doesn’t mean that the long days don’t eventually start to take their toll. 

On all of us

Which is why it’s been so great the last 2 weeks having Scott around more often.  Last Monday he left work at 2 to go to DC with us, on Friday he got home at 5:30 (to which my oldest son asked, “Dad did you take vacation time to get home this early?”), Monday he was home by 5 and Tuesday he took the whole day off! 

He had to use vacation time to do this, but after the many, many late nights in March, we all felt it a good use of vacation time to have him home.  Especially since we’re on spring break this week. 

parkYesterday after the kids woke up and were snuggling on the couch, he made a few phone calls and announced that he wasn’t going to work that day.  He just hung out with us all day… it was so fun and random… he watched the NCAA play off game which we had recorded for our son Monday night, with the kids.  Then he helped tackle a project that I’ve really been wanting done around the house.  Smile  We took the kids to the park for a picnic lunch.  He got to watch the girls gymnastics class- always a treat and we topped the day off with dinner at one of our favorite pizza places. 


I am not a girl who typically enjoys surprises.  I am a planner and greatly enjoy the anticipation of an event.  But, I gotta tell you, having my hubby home on a random, unexpected Tuesday, was PURE BLISS! 


  1. I can totally relate and I am so glad you had such a great day!

  2. Your kids look SO happy. Well done, Scott!


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