Re-Entry is Rough


While our world wind trip to and from Florida went off really without a hitch, the 48 hrs since pulling into our driveway have been anything but smooth sailing.

Allow me to complain… 

We got home at 9pm on Sunday night… we unloaded what we had to, put the kids to bed and sat on the couch. 

Monday morning was back to reality… Scott had to be at work at 8, and the oldest two had to be at church at 8:45 for VBS.  I was so, so tempted to keep them home… and just spend the day in our pjs catching up on laundry and unpacking.  

Part of me wishes I had done just that.  But, I took them to church (late of course) then went to pick up our dog from my friends house.  My friend graciously offered to watch the youngest 2 while I went to Aldi to pick up a few things.  I was so excited, going to run a quick errand and then visit with a friend before picking the kids up from church. 

I don’t shop at Aldi very often.  I think all of my friends do, but me.  Truth is, it’s out of the way, and not convenient so I don’t go.   But, since I was in the area and kid less, I figured I’d check it out.   Well, I forgot all about the fact you need a quarter to get your cart… couldn’t find a quarter anywhere in my van… if only you could pay for your cart with cheerios, then I’d be set…no problem, this won’t get me down, the kids aren’t with me, I’ll just grab what I can and make more than one trip… yes, that’s right, my bright idea was to make 4 different trips through Aldi carrying everything.  Perhaps I should be thankful that after trip one, when the cashier rang me up, I learned the other Aldi rule… they only take cash or debit cards.  And of course I couldn’t remember my pin number to save my life. 

I left Aldi’s empty handed. 

Had a great visit with my friend and then back to church for the kids… it is hot and humid… got the kids and finally got them all buckled (which is not an easy feat with the current car seat configuration that we used for our long car ride)… more than ready to get home, eat, shower and on with the day… only the car won’t start. 

Try, try, try some more… same stinkin result.

The kids and the dog and I waited in the church parking lot for Scott to come and rescue us.   He is finally able to get it to go and he drives the kids home, while I follow in his car.  He then takes the car to the mechanic.   I was tired… frustrated… and so ready for a break. 

When my son prayed that evening, he prayed that tomorrow would be a better day with less fighting. 

As I talked to my dear friend on the phone, I shared the misery of my day and how bad I felt for taking it out on the kids. 

She responded, “I didn’t think you yelled at your kids ever.”

For real?  How is it that my best friend thinks I never yell at my kids?  I have tried to make it my aim in life to be transparent/the real deal.  Seems I have failed at this big time.  So, blogging friends… yes, my kids are a victim of my imperfection and I do yell at my kids.  No, I am not proud of it.  I like to think I don’t do it all the time, but truthfully, I do it more than I’d like to admit. 

Day 2:  A friend graciously offers to take my kids to VBS for me since I am without a van.  I invite her and her younger 2 to visit after she drops them off.   This is a new friend whom I just met this spring.  I appreciate her a lot.  Unfortunately, I think every time we have gotten together my house is either messy or my kids are misbehaving. 

Today, she got to witness both.

Humbling to say the least.

This afternoon we head to gymnastics (hooray for having the van back). While my oldest has her class, I take the younger three for Aldi Attempt 2 (this time I came armed with my quarter and my pin number).  I left with food and a screaming baby.  After a quick stop at a friends for a little “thinking of you treat” I leave sooner than planned b/c the baby is still screaming (we’re not in Florida anymore)…back to gymnastics, hoping to catch the last 15 minutes and visit with my friend in the waiting room, only to head back to the car b/c my kids are misbehaving… insert more humble pie and a big ol dose of frustration. 

I went home a different route than normal b/c I wanted to pick up sweet corn from the farm stand.

The stand was closed. 

And then as my kids are whining about the dinner I had packed for them, the baby is crying again… I suddenly notice the car is making a weird noise AND it seems low on my side… download

Long story short (yea… this post seems anything but short), after a few failed attempts, I finally reach Scott, he comes with a cold coke and 2 bags of mini Oreos… he teaches my son how to change a tired and we’re finally home. 

I know I should be so thankful we didn’t break down on our trip.  Instead I broke down at church.  A safe and comfortable place to get stranded.

I know I should be so thankful I didn’t get my flat on the side of 95 in the middle of the night. 

And on one hand I am, truly thankful.

But, to be honest, on the other hand, I am fed up with this week and can’t believe it’s only Tuesday.  

Re-entry has been rough, Wednesday, please be nice to me, kay?


  1. Oh, my, you have had quite the week. It has got to get better, though...right? I'm praying that it does.

  2. Oh Crystal! I love you! What a terrible re-entry!! Thanks for sharing the rough spots along with the shining moments. I am praying that your day today is MUCH BETTER!!!

  3. Please know you can call me for ANYTHING!!! And you can walk to my house, should you ever need to do so. We will ALWAYS be willing to help you out, no matter how inconvenient you think it might be. We love you.

  4. Oh, Crystal!
    YUCK and I'm so sorry!
    Yuck Yuck Yuck!

  5. That's crazy! Wow. That's a lot for two days. Hope today was SOOO much better!


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