Keeping It Real


It seems it might be time to do a “keepin it real” post of the circus life. 

Because blogging is a funny thing… I typically write my blog posts during nap/quiet time… when the kids are all off in separate rooms sleeping or playing quietly alone… and well, that sweet time of day allows a mom to gather herself… grab a bit to eat, relish in the quiet and it sets a very different tone than if I was writing in the morning while 4 kids are pulling on my legs asking for food or complaining.  And rarely do I think to grab the camera when my living room is covered in dirty clothes and toys and my sink is overflowing with dishes… those most often are not the memories I seek to savor for later.  And so, those most often aren’t the moments I blog about.    But, then as a result,  when I sit down to blog, I tend to write more of the gushy stuff.  Which I do want to record and remember in years to come (or even next week when the kids are hitting each other and screaming b/c we have 2 swings on our swing set but 3 “swingers”).  But, I also don’t want to just record those moments…

So, here are a few typical real moments at the circus…

I think the morning “rush hour” is one of the most stressful times at the circus abode… Scott is rushing to get out the door, I am trying to help him so he isn’t late, the kids are hungry, they want their vitamins, they want their chocolate milk or OJ, and their tv show…and Momma just wants her coffee and a  few minutes to check Facebook and e-mail.  So I am packing a lunch, making Ovaltine, pouring cereal, making toast, making coffee and all usually while having to pee.  Harsh words are often uttered.   And I feel bad.  And I know that if I just got up 30 min earlier it would be different.  But typically, in my head I think “I should get up an hour earlier and run and do my Bible study and then have a cup of coffee in quiet while reading the computer and then be ready to greet my kids with a smile and breakfast on the table”… but then I don’t feel like getting up an hour earlier to run or read my Bible and so instead of even getting up even 15 min earlier to pee and make my coffee… instead I sleep until I hear Scott in the shower (or ummm getting out of the shower)  and then I drag myself out of bed with children clamoring on me saying, “Mom, I want…” and me thinking, “Tomorrow I’m getting up before the kids…”

Most mornings my sink looks like this. 


I know it would be easier if I did them the night before and started the day with a clean kitchen, but 2 nights a week I feed the kids early and Scott and I eat after they are in bed.  I just don’t feel like doing dishes after 9.  We typically eat our dinner, enjoy some quiet conversation (though often interrupted by kids needing something) and then sit down to watch TV.  I don’t feel like first cleaning up the kitchen before watching TV.  I’m tired and ready for the day to be done. 

And there ya have it, a little dose of reality or a helpin of humble pie served to you this 4th of July weekend.  And now I need to finish packing the van before quiet time is over!!


  1. This is why I follow your blog--thanks for keeping it real!

  2. I am so with you on the dishes. Every morning I hate waking up to a sink of dirty dishes, yet every night, it is the last thing I want to do. As we speak, I am debating whether to swap out out the dishwasher - or sit down and read my book while the kids are next door for 15 minutes. hmmm.

  3. I love this post.
    And even as you are keepin' it real, this is kind of gushy! :) And I love that it is!


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