My Birthday Buddy


Growing up, part of me wished for a sister… one to share a room with, share clothes and secrets with…. maybe if I’d have had one, I would know better how to braid my girls hair…  I had a great brother, and I would never have traded him for a sister, yet part of me at times felt like I was missing out a little…

When I married Scott I instantly gained in my sister-in-law the sister I had always wanted.  And she is all that and more.  And to sweeten the deal even more, Karen and I share a birthday.  We joke that it’s perfect because it makes it so much easier for him to remember my birthday (that would work IF he could remember his sisters birthday).

I truly couldn’t love Karen more if she was my blood.  I’ve known Karen for more than half my life… in HS I was her secret sister in lacrosse.  While Scott and I were dating in college, she let me crash in her dorm room (often even sharing her top bunk) so I could come and visit Scott at Grove City.  We’ve run races together, shared a mouth guard (gross I know), she’s cut my hair, told me not to wear that jacket with that dress, she was my maid of honor in our wedding…

She became that shopping partner I needed and is great for the clothing consults… (even cross country).  I appreciate her humor and her realness.  I respect her faith and her strength.  She is an awesome Army wife.  She’s a great mom, so laid back and easy going.  And she is one, fantabulous aunt.  (I love listening to my girls play with their baby dolls b/c one is always the mom and the other is always the Aunt Karen).   I appreciate how important family is to Karen and all the effort she makes to be an active and real part of our family’s lives, despite the distance she has always lived from us.  It means more to me than she could ever know.  

Last week we visited Karen and Jim on our way to and from Fl and during quiet/nap time, the two of us got to escape for a little Starbucks date (One of my favorite things to do with Karen).  It was like a pre-birthday gift to ourselves.  Smile   I love that we share a birthday… kinda seals the whole sisterhood thing, ya know?   So, happy birthday Karen… my friend, my sister, and my birthday buddy!  I love you bunches!!!


  1. Awww! Awesome post!

  2. What a super sweet post involving two of the sweetest, most awesome gals around! Its only fitting that you both graced the world on the same day! Your friendship/sisterhood is one to be admired! Hope you both had fantastic birthdays!

    Love that you gals have had such a close relationship for such a long time, but I gotta say the mouth guard thing...little much maybe. Lol! What's a little spit between sisters?! ;-)

  3. Hope both of you enjoy your birthday date again this week-end. So glad that you have your sister.

  4. That is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

  5. Crystal, this means the world to me. I love that we're SIL's, I love that we share a birthday, and I love that we live close enough to each other now to enjoy frappuccinos and haircuts! Happy birthday! Can't wait to see you in a few days!


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