On Turning 4


My youngest daughter turns 4 this week. I often joke that she was born trying to keep up with her sister and brother.  It’s true though.  She is always ahead of where she should be b/c she has never wanted to be left behind.  As such, whenever her birthday rolls around I don’t have that typical, “How can it have been 4 yrs already?”  feeling, more often we’re like, “Really, your just now 4… seems like you’ve been 4 for awhile now.” 

One thing is true… she’s growing up too fast for my liking.  I have one more year left before she goes to school… and since we homeschool, going to school is thankfully only 2 days a week at the tutorial, but even still it marks a new stage of life.  Ruth Likes Her Dress

I want to be intentional with this last year… with our 2 mornings a week of time together when she is the big kid setting the pace for the household.  I learned so much about my older daughter when her brother went off to school.  I got to see new traits come out and her relationship with her sister truly blossomed.  I am eager to see the changes that develop when the dynamics change again this year. 


And I want to savor her sweet voice… I think that is what I will miss most when she grows up… the sweet sing songy voice and the cute way she mispronounces things…


I am excited to celebrate my sweet 4 year old this weekend….tomorrow we’re having a few of her close friends over to pamper them like princesses and next week Scott and I are taking her on a birthday date for dinner and a visit to Build a Bear.  I can’t wait to spend that special time with just us and her! 


  1. Happy Birthday little miss! Love you lots! Enjoy being a special princess!!! Love Mrs. Becca

  2. Your Mom and her GrandmaFriday, July 22, 2011

    Happy Birthday little Princess. Very cute post for a special little girl.

  3. The sing songy voice is my favorite remaining "baby trait" in Caroline who will be four in Sept. You echoed many of my sentiments here! I hope your sweet four year old has a great birthday!!! And I hope her equallyy sweet momma savors away!


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