Time to Once Again Roll that Beautiful Bean Footage


One of my very first blog posts ever was on my children’s love of kidney beans.   It is now 3 years later and my girls have moved on to baked beans.  Seriously, the love my daughter has for baked beans can NOT be overstated. 

Last week I figured it was time to try the kidney beans out on number 4.  (let the playgroup  mocking begin).



What do you mean I shouldn’t eat too many at once? 


and the verdict is?


Looks like we have another bean lover here at the circus.  Though truth be told, I have YET to find a food this guy doesn’t like to eat.  He will gladly eat anything I put in front of him.


  1. How cute!!! Jenny will eat anything and everything I give her, too. I just love how our babies are virtually growing up together!

  2. That's some seriously funny stuff. I cannot get my kids to eat kidney beans but you can bet your bottom dollar I'm gonna try now with Katie! She's a good eater like your handsome little man there! He has the sweetest chubbiest cheeks! Man, I could pinch them! Sigh. Has the Circus ever considered five? Lol. I'm just teasing. Sort of... :)


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