Spring Break at the Circus


The past week has been spring break at the circus and while it is technically true, we did break from our studies, other than that, it was a jam packed, super busy week.

It is now Monday… school resumes tomorrow, and today I am trying to catch up on laundry and dishes and cleaning… right now, we’re back from gymnastics and the kids are down for quiet time.  I am thankful for an iced coffee and the fact that it is warm enough for a skirt and flip flops…oh how I love warm sunny days!!

Since I failed to post anything all week, thought I’d try a Project Life post and do my best to sum up our week in one post using pictures and memories…

Tuesday- my son got  to play catcher in his game… he was so excited!


Wednesday- We had cupcakes at the park with our friends to celebrate  April birthdays (only 7 days apart from each other)  Like how my son looks like Tarzan king of the playground? 


Thursday- a Cub Scout tour of the Maryland Public Television station


Friday- a lunch date with my 7 yr old and his daddy


Saturday- cousins playing together


Saturday- our young Jedi at his party


Sunday- loved worshipping with my parents, Scott’s parents, and Scott’s sisters fam at church on Easter morning… loved seeing my son sitting on his Uncle Jim’s lap  and my daughter nestled between grandparents as we celebrated the resurrection together.   Then, we had both sets of grandparents over for an informal lunch.  After everyone left we had a relaxing afternoon and spent the evening doing an egg hunt, dying some eggs, and baking resurrection cookies.  It was a wonderful day. 



  1. Could you have packed anything more into that week??? LOVED our time with you :-)

  2. So thrilled that we could be part of your crazy but fun week. Are you going to do a separate post about the bday party? Because it was AWESOME. I never would have known about any of the last minute parts. You really did such a great job. (As evidenced by the smile on your son's face!)

  3. Oh my gosh..look how big all your kids are getting!! And is that your baby already???????? Seems like you just had him!!!! They are all so cute!


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