Preserving the Memories…




I think there is something about the age of 3 that makes kids say some of the cutest things.  Lately, our 3 year old has been cracking me up and I have to write them down lest I forget…


Last week Scott was playing catch with our oldest son.  She of course wanted a turn as well.  Scott said sure and then she said, “Dad, can I get closer to you when I throw the ball, since I am a girl?” (Scott told her she could get closer, but not b/c she was a girl, but b/c she was younger).


I went to a baby shower for a friend of mine.  She is pregnant for her 3rd child, but it is her first girl.  My son asked why she was having a baby shower since she had already had babies.  I told him that it was b/c this baby was a girl.  “Oh, he said, so when you had ******** did you have a baby shower too?”  I told him I did after she was born, when we found out she was a girl, my friends threw me a party and gave me lots of girlie clothes and things.  Then my 3 yr old piped up, Well, Mom, I know that you definitely gave me a baby bath when I was a baby.”


Yesterday we finally, FINALLY had some sunshine and warm air here in MD.  The temps reached the high 80s and as we were driving home she announced, “Mom, I am B-O-V  hot.”  (we seem to have a little work to do on spelling… but hey, she’s only 3)


My kids love telling jokes and she doesn’t want to be left out.  Sometimes however, she misses the punch line just a bit.



“Aren’t you glad I didn’t say bananas?”


Some of my favorite times are when we all are sitting together as a family, belly laughing… I truly love this phase of our life and wish I could freeze time…hopefully, by writing it down… I can at the very least preserve the memories.  Visit Mary for more tiny talk.


  1. So glad that you are writing them down - to preserve and to share with all of us :-) Your kiddos come up with the greatest lines!!

  2. I especially like the creative spelling of b-o-v, hot! That is too cute. Three is such a fun age. ;0)

  3. awww!!! so adorable!! love the things kids say. you are so smart for writing them down. sometimes i do, but most of the time i forget. blogging is such a great way to preserve the cuteness :) she is SO precious.
    thanks so much for stopping by my blog and i enjoyed catching up on yours!! i need to blog more often so that i stop by a lot more! :)


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