Keepin it Real Circus Mom Style


In the interest of keeping it real, and hopefully finding out I am not alone… thought I’d share a few “Not Me Monday” moments on this Tuesday afternoon….

*It was not me that showed up with the girls at gymnastics last Wednesday with their feet and legs covered in mud from our morning play date at the park.  And as I wiped their legs down with wet paper towels it wasn’t me who was saying out loud so the other moms could over hear how “I gave them baths that morning but then took them to the park to play”  Silly me should have known they’d find a pond and sea weed and a muddy field….

*It also wasn’t me that let my girls pick out their outfits for the week.  I wasn’t so relieved that for once they chose matching outfits that I didn’t care that their choices weren’t necessary appropriate for the days activities… hence showing up for church in jeans and a tinker bell shirt on Sunday and then showing up for her brothers baseball game on Tuesday dressed in her Sunday best…. it also wasn’t my girls doing bridge kick overs on the sidelines in their dresses flashing the parents in the bleachers.

* I also didn’t drop my youngest child off at the church nursery with his pacifier, baby and 2 diapers but yet once again without a diaper bag… and instead of being embarrassed about not having a diaper bag it wasn’t me who was proud that I actually had a diaper to leave for him.

*  And on Sunday after church it wasn’t me who welcomed her in laws and parents for Easter dinner to a house that literally looked like a tornado hit after Saturdays birthday party.  Wasn’t my mother in law that had to clear the raisin bran from breakfast off of the table before setting the table in our hodge podge of place settings…. not exactly a formal Easter dinner, but we did pull off a yummy feast of ham, baked macaroni and cheese, baked pineapple and mixed fruit and veggies left over from Saturdays party.  And I didn’t just throw that last sentence in to try and make myself look a little better after confessing our breakfast wasn’t cleared before racing out the door for church Sunday morning.  Nope not me… 

* I also didn’t overbook our day on Wednesday with a play date, gymnastics, make up art class, soccer practice, and baseball practice…my introverted self didn’t feel so overwhelmed by all of the get together over that day and the day before that I literally blew up at my kids and husband by the evening… no, I know my limits… I don’t try to cram too much into one day and I never, never snap at my innocent husband or take out my stress on my children….

*And my son didn’t show up for baseball practice wearing a dirty uniform b/c I didn’t have time to wash it after the game the night before. 

*Nor was it me that on Friday had my parents running errands for me to get party food while I also ran errands to get ready for the party… No, I would have planned ahead and bought everything I needed ahead of time… no last minute panic over food and shopping for supplies the day before the event.

*Lastly, it wasn’t me that boiled Easter eggs on Sunday afternoon… then had my husband hide them (still hot) in the back yard for the kids to find …my kids weren’t grabbing their eggs like hot potatoes to take into the house and then dye….

How about you?  Have any “not me” moments from last week that you care to share and make this circus mom feel a little better about herself?


  1. I love it!!!!

    I'm just glad to know that I'm not the only frazzled mom that does those kinds of things. Thank you for keeping it real!

  2. Love you, love you, love you! I've done very nearly all those things! Letting the kids pick out their clothes and just being happy that they're dressed is a page straight out of my book! Leaving breakfast to be cleaned up at lunch...yep, that's me too sometimes. I drop off Katie in the nursery and am super proud if she has a diaper. A lot of times she comes out wearing one of the nursery's stash of diapers because I forget to leave one. And its NEVER in a diaper bag. When I have one I pull it out of my overstuffed purse and there's usually something stuck to it!

    One year at Noah's bday....I called my parents who were on their way and said, "Can you bring a cake? And maybe some candles?"

    And they're ruthless about pointing out these things.

    I love the image of your girls flashing parents as they practiced their gymnastics knowledge, and of the kids picking up hot hard boiled eggs! Priceless! Ah, sweet memories!

  3. For next Easter, just drop the eggs in ice and cold water, they'll be ready to hide in about 3 minutes :-) You know, just in case it isn't you boiling eggs at the last minute again....cause that's what we'll be doing at our house!

  4. I love this post. 'Course, I'm so good at preparing everything before because I'm so super organized. Yeah, that's it.... Never mind the fact that I have NEVER made my own Thanksgiving turkey or sponsored my own Easter Egg hunt.... I always head over to the relatives' houses and play the "live so far away" trump card! So, maybe I'm a lot better at delegating than orchestrating! Crystal, you are my hero! You make such great memories for your family and are so great at sharing them. Thanks!

  5. I just want you to know that you have my dad fooled. He was bragging about your mad mothering skills to me this weekend. So, I'll, um, make sure he doesn't see this post. :)

  6. Girl, you are not alone!!! I so appreciate your honesty. It is so very refreshing!

  7. My favorite of all is the hot eggs - sooo funny!!! Maybe it's funny to me only bc it's one of the ones I haven't done! ;)

  8. I think the egg scenario is my favorite! THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!


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