Potential Black Mail?


I love that my 3 yr old will happily dress herself in the morning, without even needing to be told.  I need, however,  to work with her on not wearing clashing patterns...  checkered meets stripes…meets polka dots…


Oh My!!


Apparently, I also need to have the “less is more” discussion with her on make up application.  IMG_8953

Unless of course she plans to be a clown when she grows up. 

And yes, if you were wondering… I did in fact let her leave the house this way b/c

A.  I thought her sense of style (or lack there of) was precious..

B.  We were running late and I didn’t have time to engage in the ward robe battle.

C.  We were going to a friends house for art class, which even though this meant we’d see 8 other families worth of kids, some how in my head it didn’t count as going out in public

…makes me wonder which one of us will get more mileage out of these pictures in the black mail category… me as I show her future boy friends her cute little fashion sense or her when she asks “What kind of a Mom lets her kid go out of the house dressed like that?”


  1. Having now begun the wardrobe fights with my two year old, I figure you are an awesome mom because she actually has all the critical parts of her body covered when leaving the house. Right now, we're fighting pants. All pants. *sigh*

  2. It was this very outfit last friday that reminded me how much I love your creative, confident girls.

  3. If I could count on Caroline to wear pants I would totally let her dress herself regardless of what patterns she mixes. But a shirt and her "lucky tights" just don't get it done for me! She simply refuses to wear pants, most especially jeans, which is of course the bulk of her pants.

    She also has an affinity towards mascara.


    I'd take the Capser cutie face up there with her mixed patterns any day! And it will be excellent blackmail photos for both of you in the future!

    And its great that you don't let a little wardrobe drama screw up the whole day. You're a good momma!

  4. Hahaha, Margot. Too true.
    That amazing three year old fashion sense only lasts so long. I'm going to try to cherish it this time around (please remind me!! :) ). It's so much easier to appreciate it in other children, because I think yours is adorable!


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