George Lucas is a Genius


I truly am in awe of George Lucas.  Seriously, the man was a genius. 

My son is obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with Star Wars these days.  Literally, every question out of his mouth has to do with Star Wars.  When he watches the movies, I swear he is studying them… entranced by every detail. 

You think I am exaggerating, but I promise you, I am not.  The boy eats drinks, sleeps Star Wars.

And, he isn’t alone… there is a whole cult following of Star Wars junkies.

Which is what has me in awe. 

The movie first premiered over 30 years ago. 

30 years ago.

We are living in a whole new world, a world of cell phones, internet, google…

and yet this very same movie is captivating the minds and imaginations of children to a near cult like following…

It’s not just like the movie is followed by guys who watched it as kids and  enjoy reminiscing.  Though it is, it is also followed by children who are watching it with fresh eyes and falling in love for themselves.

Which brings me back to my first point, George Lucas is a genius, and I am in awe.

DSC03961Saturday our local library hosted an event with the 501st Legion’s Old Line Garrison and the Rebel Legion’s Terrapin Base.  They are both groups of Star Wars costumers.    The kids went in their costumes and now my son is eagerly awaiting the day he turns 18, so he too can “dress in Star Wars costume and visit kids at the library”.   (I had to tell him that this would be a great hobby, much like Daddy goes sailing, but that they don’t get paid for this… he will need another job besides dressing up like Luke Skywalker and talking about Star Wars).




The kids had a FABULOUS time posing with the various characters, and my son loved getting to pump them with detailed questions, while I was happy they got yet more mileage out of their Halloween costumes!


  1. I LOVE these pictures! I wonder what my kids will say when I show them.

  2. How awesome is that!!!!?

  3. I wish I had known!!! Oh my kids would have LOVED that!!!

  4. It's always a pleasure to share our passion for Star Wars and community service with kids of all ages. Glad you had a great time! Learn more about the 501st Legion at

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  6. Ray Rogers (IC-8380)Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    It was my pleasure to be there on Saturday and have a great, fun day with the kids and their parents! Thank you for coming out, and we hope to see you again soon!

  7. "Obsessed" could be an understatement! What a great opportunity they had at the library! I learned about the 501st last year bc Jim's Army unit happen to be 501st and a friend's husband who is part of the SW's 501st was totally jealous. Didn't even know they existed. Glad your son has something to aspire to, now! And those are such amazing pictures.

  8. Hey, it was great that you enjoyed our being at the library on Sat. We just wanted to let you know that the 501st wasn't the only group there that day. The Rebel Legion's Terrapin Base, who were the "good guy" characters, were also there. Thank you for posting such awesome pics.

  9. Kellie. Thanks so much for the info. I have edited my post above. I must confess that it was my parents who took the kids this time as I had a birthday cake in the oven and a baby asleep in his crib when I found out you all were coming to the library. Last year when we went it was the 501st, so that was were I got my "intel." Thanks again for giving up your time to visit the library. My kids had a fabulous time!!! I hope you'll come again!

  10. It looks like they had a blast!!! :)

  11. While, I'll admit the Stars Wars allure is a little lost on me, those kids look a.) cute and b.) thrilled beyond words so it must have been awesome! I mean, how could it not be when your favorite movie characters show up at the library of all places and let you hang out with them!

    Noah has a Star Wars movie and a couple little action figures, but it hasn't become a craze here yet. However, when it does, I'll just field all his questions to your first born! We'll get him some practice for his "dream job!"

  12. This was such a wonderful morning! The kids oozed star wars mania!! Loved getting pictures - the costumers were SO patient with the return trips to the line that your little ones made :-) Too bad your little Yoda wasn't able to get into the action - maybe next time :-)

  13. ok, so I just got your message on facebook about the "old line Garrison" and since I didn't know what exactly that had to do with Star wars, I went to your latest posts, and found THIS! WOW!! We DEFINITELY have to go to the one next month! so exciting and thanks for sharing :)

  14. Crystal- My son too is obsessed with Star Wars and admittedly I love them all too! Every word to the point where we have to say, :Derek we need to talk about something else now." is focused on Star Wars. It is amazing how long this has been around and yet it is still iconic! Did you stand in line late at night when the new ones came out? I did we were at Grove City and a bounch of us went it was so much fun! Anyway my son would be totally jealous of how close you were to Darth Vader and everyone else! This was a really cool blog thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh what cute photos!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Just think your U. Ron still loves Star wars Joey used to have alot of the men. & assories . Jon still has his stuff also. Loved the pictures.


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