Back on the Wagon


A few weeks ago my FIL approached me about running in a local half marathon with him at the beginning of March.  Because I seem to require a race to motivate me to run, I was eager to accept.  However, it only left me about 7 weeks to prepare and I was not in running shape, having only run a handful of times since my son’s birth last June. 

I found some training guides online (both of which suggested 12 weeks to prepare) and spent a good amount of time face booking and e-mailing with a friend about my strategy.  I’ve pretty much settled into 2 short runs a week and one long run on the weekend, with the distances for both increasing each week.  This week my short runs are 4.5 miles and my long run will be 7 miles.  By the week prior to the race I will be up to 10 miles for my long run and I believe 5 miles for my short runs.  

This is the first time I have trained for a race using a treadmill.  I know it isn’t exactly like running on the road, but I do believe it is pushing me to run faster.  And let me set the record straight, my fast is a mere 5.0mph, which equals a 12 mm. 

Last week however, I sorta fell off the wagon, or the treadmill and managed to skip all 3 runs… I could list for you my many excuses for why, but they all boil down to just that, excuses,  so I will spare you.

Tuesday, it was time to get the sneakers back on and get back on track… after completing my 4.5 mile run, I was left with a few thoughts…

1.  Why have I not run using the TV on the treadmill before?  I can’t believe how much more enjoyable the run was thanks to Gilmore Girls on DVD…especially compared to merely staring at the numbers on my treadmill. 

2.  Skipping a week of running was a big mistake.  My legs were jelly when I finished.  Jelly

3.  Is there any chance I can bring Gilmore Girls with me for the 1/2 marathon? (any volunteers to run ahead of me with a portable dvd player strapped to their back) 

4.  I wish the race was the beg of April instead of the beg of March.

I have 4 weeks left to go… I hope to be better prepared than my last big run and at least finish knowing I did my best.


  1. you can do it, just don't forget to run this weekend before the super bowl, I understand that pittsburg is deeper in ice and snow then we are

  2. Good for you Crystal, I think you'll be fine. Just set the incline on the treadmill for 1.0 to make up for not training on the road. Good luck!

  3. You can do it! Bring those running shoes this weekend. You can always do 4-5 miles at Brady's Run Park if you need to.

  4. You can do it!
    You really should consider coming to the Strider's long run Saturday morning. Run to the water stop. Drink/Stretch and run back to the start. That's 5.0 You will love seeing people, it's inspiring to be out there with 100 people rather than alone on a TM, even if the TM has Gilmore girls. Trust me! I am strictly a TM girl, but this group run on Saturday really inspires me.

  5. 1. You're coming to Pgh for the game!! How cool! Just hearing Brady's Run brings back some happy childlike memories for me! It'll be so cool knowing you're so close!

    2. I heart Gilmore Girls but I've only seen the first season consecutively and then episodes here and there as they appear on tv and I'm channel surfing or something.

    3. Oh, this post is about running, right...

    4. Well, I don't run. Unless someone's dangling food in front of me. Or maybe a good book. Or okay, if one of the kids is hurt. So I don't think you want to take running advice from me. Because my legs would be jelly after a run around my van.

    5. I'll quote the wise Nike corporation and say, "Just do it."

  6. What? I decide to move and become totally self-absorbed for a few weeks and when I finally get some free internet service at a hotel I find out you and dad are running a half???? In 4 weeks? Since when did my dad become so ambitious? Needless to say I'm VERY impressed and can't wait to hear (see?) all about it. :) Keep running!!!

    PS - I'm never good at training and I've managed to eek out 4, so you can do it!

  7. Ha ha, I'm doing a 1/2 marathon in April and I time my treadmill workouts to Dr. Phil and Oprah :).

    I have even started doing my long runs around movies. 9 miles? 1.5 hours on the treadmill? that sounds like movie night to me.

    Now I'm completely dependent on the treadmill.


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