Our February Stay-cation


Without having to pay thousands of dollars to fly to the Caribbean for a few days, we in the Maryland area were blessed with a week of spring weather in February.  And the Circus kids and I soaked up every precious minute of it.  I had my kids outside as much as possible this week.  Biking, Swinging, Picnicking, digging, and wading…





Rumor has it snow could fall here next week.  And while I really want to whine and complain, begging for spring, I must remember that it is February 18th and we went barefoot today.  We were given a gift… a vacation from the norm.  I will say thanks for our reprieve and cling to the hope that soon enough we will have many more weeks like this one.



  1. What gorgeous weather!! I'm sure you and the kids are so happy to be OUT and enjoying it!!! Your baby is sooooo adorable, too! I can't believe how big he is now!!!!!!!!!

  2. We have been enjoying this spring like weather so much here too. Makes me think the calendar moved another page or two while I was just too busy to notice! However, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of the white stuff, although I'll cling fast to the hope that all things are possible!

    Those kids look like they enjoyed every minute of your staycation and all that vitamin d makes their sweet faces all the sweeter looking!!!

  3. Gives me a terrible case of Spring Fever!! Love the wonderful pictures.


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