Savoring Each Bite


It became quite clear to us that our little man was ready to try solid foods when he started opening his mouth like a baby bird anytime we were eating with him on our lap.  We couldn’t help but laugh when he started reaching out for Daddy’s fork, mouth wide open, just begging for a taste.


Here he is holding our Smores ingredients while on vacation… his poor pathetic face seems to be saying, “They aren’t even nice about it!”


Finally, this weekend we gave him his first taste of rice cereal.  IMG_6381

He kept reaching out to grab onto the spoon  and try and get more. 

I have to tell you that never, NEVER have I seen a baby so excited about solid food.  He literally waved his arms in the air and kicked his feet with glee.


I can honestly say that of all my babies, he truly enjoys food the most.  When I nurse him, he will actually pause and look up to flash me this big ol smile… it’s almost as if he is saying, “Thanks Mom!” 

And this was by far, the most receptive baby I have had when it came to feeding him “solids.”  In the past the first feeding has typically been more ceremonious, lets put the spoon up to your mouth, you can get a feel for the new texture, spit it back out and we’ll snap a hundred pictures or so of this great right of passage.

Not so with this one… true, he ended up wearing quite a bit of the rice cereal paper Mache, but part of that was honestly b/c he kept grabbing the spoon trying to shove more in.  He actually finished the entire bowl and by the end all 5 of us were smiling and laughing right along with him. 

It was a precious moment that I will cherish and a sweet reminder to take joy in each bite of life.


  1. I can just imagine the look we will get on Thanksgiving when he gets rice cereal but sees the rest of the spread for everyone else:-) LOL Such cute pictures of the Big Day!

  2. Love it! Now you need to share the story of his moments of glee as your older daughter is pushed in the swing! He is so wonderfully cute! Love it!

  3. He does look quite eager! My oh my! That's so funny! You captured "the first feeding" so well, especially with the use of the words paper mache and the snapping of a hundred pictures! You nailed it! But he decided to really make it worth the 100 pictures didn't he? What a cutie! He is going to fit right in with the cast of Circus kids...already at his age giving us great joy and entertainment!

    ps...Katie still gives me the thank you pause/smile when she if she knows I could cut her off at anytime and hand her a cup of milk instead!

  4. He is so cute! He and my boy rival each other in their cuteness!v

  5. Visiting from Tiny Talk Tuesday. Your son is so adorable. And your comments just make the photos that much more fun to look at. I'm not sure if the first or last picture is my favorite.


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