Bet Your Harvest Party Never Had One of These


We decided to add a little pizazz to our normal morning chaos as we got ready to leave for our tutorial today.  Since it’s the last day the tutorial is meeting before Thanksgiving, they had a Harvest Party at the end of the day and the children were encouraged to come in costume.

My son went as an Indian and his little sister went as a Pilgrim.  (costumes courtesy of Mommy’s costume bin from her school days… I was Pocahontas one year for Halloween and the “Pilgrim” dress  was actually a costume from a church play).

My 3 year old wanted to join in the fun, and as is often the case with this independent child, she wanted to add her own flare to the celebration.

“I want to dress up too, Mom” 

“Ok, what do you want to be, a Pilgrim or an Indian?”

“Neither, a kangaroo.”

Well of course, we all remember the kangaroo at the first Thanksgiving, right?  With no time to argue and no costume to offer as an alternative (a kangaroo some how seemed more appropriate than Queen Amidala) we headed out the door like this.


The shades make a nice touch, don’t ya think?


  1. I bet your loyal readers would love to see a photo of YOU in those costumes : )

  2. She looks adorable and I love how you just go along with it. We'd probably miss the party cause I'd still be at home arguing with Caroline about why she can't be a kangaroo...

    You're a good mommy. I'm bad, very bad!

  3. I have NOT stopped laughing - this one is way to precious!!! All these years - we never knew. Kangaroos at the Thanksgiving Feast. Just love your circus crew

  4. I can't believe you still have YOUR costume-- how COOL!!


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