On Becoming a Germophobe


Normally, I consider myself pretty laid back.   Messy faces, germs, they all go with the territory of life with small kids and I don’t sweat em.

Then last year we took our grand Texas vacation… during which you may recall I caught the circus children licking the airplane window.

Then we spent our grand Texas vacation with multiple ear and sinus infections, suspected pink eye, laryngitis, and asthma episodes culminating with a day at a clinic in downtown San Antonio.

I remember the beautiful Texas sunsets and starry skies… but honestly, looking back I also remember the miserable nights of sleep, grouchy and sick kids and my having lost my voice.  In some ways it is the trip that could have been.

So, it was with some degree of fear and trepidation that the circus fam set out, on Halloween none the less, for another grand adventure, circus style.


This time we’re Florida bound.

IMG_4371Yes, those are ALL our bags… we take SouthWest’s bags fly free to the FULL extent!

The agenda?  See the last launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery.  Then since we’re already in Florida…. we’ll add a trip to Everglades, Biscayne, and Dry Tortugas National Parks, with a day at Magic Kingdom to top it all off!

The only thing I fear?


Please, oh please, let us not get sick I begged.

I’ve been reminding the kids over and over, to keep their hands away from their faces, out of their mouths, begging them to wash their hands,  and please, oh please, don’t lick any windows!  Of course our big ol bottle of sanitizer was confiscated at the security line, and I may have pushed everyone’s limit with my new germ obsession, but we did manage to arrive without anyone licking any windows!  Sadly, my 6 yr old did spend his entire first night coughing (but he had a cough before we left home, so I can’t blame it on the plane… I’m hoping the germs don’t spread and he doesn’t get any worse)

As I sit here in our hotel room, ready to turn in for the night, all is quiet, here’s hoping…


  1. I remember the window licking post so well I do not even need to click on the hyperlink.

    Glad you made it this far without any window licking and I do pray you will have a fun and germ-free trip!!

    Can't wait to read the posts that will culminate as a result of it all!

  2. Crystal, I will be praying for a healthy, happy trip for all. Vacation with little ones has so many challenges and having sick kids on vacation is so hard! Have a BLAST!!!

  3. I pray that you all have an amazing vacation and time as a family...with NO sickness!! :)

  4. I too remember that window licking post - and cringe a little bit just thinking about it!!! Looking forward to all the updates from your trip about all your sickness free adventures!!!

  5. Started praying BEFORE you left and will keep praying until everyone is safely home and in good health

  6. The perfect word for you?
    That and I'm so jealous!

  7. I've been thinking of you guys!!! I'm following the FB statuses and it sounds like you're all having a great time. So hopefully that means no one is really too sick. Love you guys!

  8. I hope everyone stays healthy and you enjoy your trip. Just recently, I have caught mine licking things!! Yuck!

  9. how in the world did you fit all that luggage in your van????


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