Everglades National Park


IMG_4975When we arrived at Everglades NP it was shortly before midnight and raining quite hard.  Scott got out of the van to attempt to put up the tent, but when he remembered the top of our tent is open screen (which we then put a cover over after set up) he realized it would be futile as the entire inside of the tent would be  soaked before we even set it up.





So, we opted to spend the night in the van.

Both of us can honestly say we were surprised that it wasn’t as horrible as we thought it would be.  We were quite crammed in there, but we made it work.  My oldest son slept in his car seat, our oldest daughter crammed in on the floor behind the suitcase, the next daughter slept on the back seat, Scott and I slept up front and the baby stayed in his car seat within reach of us incase he should need to eat in the middle of the night.

The next morning we woke to a break in the rain and decided to hit the Anhinga trail as soon as possible before the next string of showers blew though.  This hike was by far our favorite part of Everglades and up there as one of the top fav events of our entire trip.  It was that beautiful.  We saw alligators swimming in their natural habitat and so many beautiful birds I couldn’t even begin to count them.  Literally, everywhere we looked we’d find a bird.  Scott had a great time photographing them.  Alligator



Donning the appropriate appearal

The poncho’s were a huge hit with the kids, particularly the girls.  They were SO excited about wearing them!


We took another short walk as well as a canoe ride later in the day.  We saw crocodiles and even watched an Osprey enjoy his fish lunch! 

CrocadileA crocadile has no match for this set of teeth.

We interupted an Ospray's  lunch

While we did encounter some rain at times during the day, they were passing showers and over all we had a fantastic day in the Everglades.  Thankfully, we were able to set up camp that night when it wasn’t raining and enjoy a good night of sleep.



  1. The Anhinga trail was our favorite part and we spent so much time there that by the time we got to Flamingo it was an hour before closing. They looked like they all had fun.

  2. Love the pink ponchos. I would totally wear a poncho if it were pink like those.

    I would much rather sleep in my van than a wet tent. End of story. (However, I would truly prefer the Holiday Inn to a tent...).

    Love the picture in front of the park sign! Your family is growing!!!! What a difference from the pics with just you and Scott or you, Scott, and your oldest boy! What awesomeness!

  3. Terrific post and pictures

  4. I'm so glad you slept in the van instead! When I saw your post on fb that you were about to camp in the midst of the storms, I was dreading it for you! Looks like you guys had such a great time! I'm amazed at what you all do with 4 kids!!!

  5. This was a pretty good park sign picture too!!


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