I love this girl


I love my daughter.   Obviously, I know, but I love the head first approach she takes at life.  She dives in, full force with no fear.  And if she falls, it doesn’t bother her, she’ll pick herself up and dive again. 

She hasn’t had it easy in the health department.  At 6 mths she had her first asthma episode.  Since then, she’s dealt with nebulizer treatments with very little complaint.   It’s a fact of life for her and she handles it well.

Around her second birthday, Scott and I noticed her eyes were starting to cross a little.  It wasn’t blaringly obvious, would happen now and again, but enough that we took her to the doctor to have it checked.  After a referral to the pediatric ophthalmologist, she was sent home with glasses.   I braced myself for a battle (b/c getting her to keep a barrette in her hair was a full out war most days), but she put them on without complaint and kept them on ever since.  No fights or complaints, she simply took it in stride. 

At her last eye doctor’s appointment, the doctor said her left eye seems to be getting better, but her right eye is not.  He told us we’d have to patch the stronger eye for 2 hours a day with the hopes of helping it to strengthen, and the ultimate goal of having both eyes grow stronger and work together.

I had prepped her for this, telling her she might get to wear a patch on her eye like Great Grandpa.  “OK!” She replied with great enthusiasm. 

As with every other “hurdle” thrown at her, she’s taken this with stride.  She complained a little that she couldn’t see as well when patched but when I explained why it was important she didn’t fight me on it.  In fact, she has asked me each day, “Can I put my patch on now?”  Yesterday she even begged to have it on and wear it to her brother’s game so she could show it off to Nana, Pop, Aunt Karen and Eli.  I thought she might be self conscious about wearing it in public and had planned to just have her wear it at home, but she kept insisting she wanted to wear it then, so I let her (not wanting to squelch her positive attitude).  She also couldn’t wait to show Great Grandpa so they could take a picture of the two of them wearing their patches. 

When he came over today, he met us in the driveway after church.  She raced out of the car and upstairs to grab her patch so she could show it to him and take their picture together. 


I love her smile here… it so perfectly reflects her great attitude and outlook. 


  1. I was there! I can attest to her awesome attitude. I love that girl, too. It was fun to see her "feel cool" wearing it. AND, running into a few things now that her depth perception is a little off. :)

  2. I know a little 18 month girl who is weary glasses and has to patch her eye, too! I'm so glad she is taking it in stride! What a sweetie pie!
    I mean, ahoy matey!

  3. What a girl Even the same eye. How about that. She is some thing tell her we are proud of her.

  4. She is one special little gal!! Cute picture

  5. What a sweetheart! I have a feeling she gets her positive attitude from a cerain Circus mom who can fall, get back up, and keep going better than anyone I know! (And by "fall" I mean have it in the sense, of have a terrible day with things going wrong and somehow recover it and turn it around. Not "fall" as in trip over your own two feet. Just to clarify.)


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