I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing


So many things I want to remember from this stage of life…the sweet way she mispronounces her baby brother’s name…. and the way his face lights up with recognition when I walk in a room…the raspy way she belts out songs in the back seat, and the sweet way he kisses his sisters goodbye before heading into school… I know I think I’ll never forget and yet those who’ve gone before me say I will. 

So this week I jotted down a few of their one liners that made me smile.


3 year old:  Mama we’re playing “hide and go to seeker”  (I also love the way she told me the rules of the game as if it was a new game her brother and sister invented just for them)


Gave my 6 yr old his first spelling test last week.  When I was explaining how spelling tests worked, he asked, “Am I allowed to think about it or do I have to just write it down?”  (I assured him he was allowed to think during spelling tests)


I was working with my 4 yr old on writing the letter N for handwriting.  She asked if this was “English”?  When I told her yes, she was SO excited that she wrote in English.  I am not sure what language she thought she’d been writing in all this time. 


I was busily working on cleaning the house for company last week.   My son asked why I was working so hard to clean.  When I explained that we had company coming, he said, “Will they not want to come back if it is dirty?”  No, I replied, “But I like for people to see our house looking nice and know that we take good care of our home.”  He said, “But Mom, that would be a lie.”  …..mother grumbles wearily with frustration to herself….. 


I love how eager she always is to help me in the kitchen.  If I am working in the kitchen, you can bet she’ll be by my side asking to help.  Something tells me this may fade with time and so I try to remember to cherish the “help” while she is eager to offer it even if it takes longer and makes more of a mess.  (Some days I forget this and shoo her away so I can just get it done… but I know I will miss my eager little helper when she grows).

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  1. Keep recording these precious moments - treasure them all.

  2. I love your perspective! I really really love it! I also love your son's calling you out about the cleaning thing...sorry, but so funny! I'm sure you will be so happy that you recorde these things! (I loved that line...yet others who've gone before me say I will...).

  3. I love that he's asking for permission to think!

    And that photo of your daughter is darling!

  4. these one-liners cracked me up :)

  5. That would be a lie about my house too...LOL!

    Love to have you featured on 11/9...email me for more information at notbefore7 at gmail dot com


  6. If you let her help now she will be a big help when she grows up.. They have to start some time to learn Mine still help.


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