Highlights from the Week


A few pics to sum up the week and highlight a few of my favorite moments.


My favorite part of our home schooling day is the beginning.  We start with the pledge and a very loud and off key rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.  Warms my patriotic soul!

Q: What do home schoolers wear to school?


A: whatever they want.. ie leotards and camos

We made a discovery this week.  The kids like board games.  And better yet, they are finally at an age where they can all follow the scope of the game and play for real.  It has made playing so much more fun, though I still attest that Shutes and Ladders is the worst game ever!


I was reminded this week of how much the kids love to hold their brother.  Too often I am rushing from one thing to the next and don’t take the time to let them enjoy him.  I gave each of them a lil time to hold him.  Their faces lit up with joy and I realized that slowing down for a minute or two was well worth it. 



Hmm…any one care to guess what we had for dinner that night?


I don’t have a picture of this, but Wed I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with my to do list.  I could feel the stress level rising so I turned on some praise music while the kids went out back for recess.  It was still on during lunch and as I held my sweet baby the song Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus came on.  One by one we all started to sing a long.  It was just one of those truly sweet, savor it, kinda moments.  Rocking my baby and praising my Lord with my children….

My entry way is a mess.  The kids clothes need to be sorted and switched for the new season.  I haven’t been grocery shopping and I still have 4 loads of laundry to fold and put away…..but in the midst of that, even though I am far, far from caught up, we’ve had some precious moments this week which I can look back on and they make me smile.


  1. You really have things in the right perspective, Crystal. I admire the way that you cherish your children and put the to-do list to the side for their sake. You had an amazing week because of that!!

  2. i think whoever created chutes and ladders should be locked in a room with his children and forced to play that game for a minimum of 4 hours. that'll teach'em!

  3. You have treasured the most important things of your day, not the pressing busy work. Your heart must be swelling with the precious moments of this past week. What blessings!

  4. When I saw the picture of your oldest and youngest I was struck with a weird sort of happiness. Being the only girl in an all boy family, I so desperately wished for a sister. I'm so glad that your oldest has a brother to enjoy and vice versa.

  5. I agree! Chutes and Ladders makes me want to stab my eyes out with a fork!


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