Aren’t They Great?


I didn’t really know my great grandparents.  All but one had passed away before I was born and my GG died when I was 2.  I have one fleeting memory of her sitting in a chair in my grandparents dining room, but the rest I get from stories and pictures.

October could have been deemed “Great Grandparent Month” at the circus.  My children are so blessed to have 4 living great grandparents in their lives today.  We got to spend some special time with each of the great grandparents this month and I am so very thankful that for the memories we made.IMG_3696

At the beginning of the month, Scott’s Nana flew out from CA to spend the week in Annapolis.  Many, many wonderful memories were made while she was in town. 


Later in the month, we went to PA to spend the weekend with my family.  We enjoyed an evening of playing with bubbles at my Mema and Pap’s house. IMG_4257


At the end of the month, we had Scott’s grandpa over to celebrate his birthday.   We enjoyed cake and ice cream with him as well as time spent reading, playing Uno, and sitting on his lap. 



I can’t say enough how grateful I am for each one of these grand parents.  I love them dearly and am so thankful my children are blessed to have them in their lives. 


  1. How wonderful that your children have such a large extended family :-) A great heritage passed down! Very precious pictures

  2. Great grandparents are such an amazing blessing, aren't they? I'm so grateful the kids got to enjoy them so much this month. What a great age!

  3. very sweet...i have a soft spot for scott's grandpa :)

  4. Oh the pictures came thru so good They are lucky kids.


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