Reaching His Goal


Tonight I was reminded of the value of hard work.   For the past two years I’ve had the joy of teaching my son’s beginning catechism class at our church on Sun evenings.  The kids are working through the The Shorter Catechism Questions, and by completion of level 3 the kids will have memorized all 150 questions and answers. 

My son was in the beginning class which covers questions 1-32.   Last year he came really close to getting them all, but we didn’t quite get them all.  Since I knew he’d be in that class for 2 yrs anyway, I didn’t push him too hard.  When you complete all of the questions , you get a tee shirt as well as a certificate. 

I had no idea how much that tee shirt meant to my son until about mid way through this year.  As he worked on his questions at home, he’d ask, “Mom, do you think this year I’ll get the tee shirt?” 

He worked hard and diligently all year and when he correctly answered all 32 questions, the smile on his face could have lit up the room!  He raised his hands in the air and said, “Will I get my tee shirt?”  I couldn’t wait until award night when I would get to present him with the shirt.  IMG_7835 

In a way, I am glad he didn’t earn the shirt the first year.  It was incredibly rewarding to watch him work so hard for it the second year and to see how much that shirt meant to him.  It was good to see him set a goal and then work to achieve it.  IMG_7860

It is my prayer that as he and his sisters learn these catechism questions, they learn more than just a bunch of questions and answers.  I pray that they learn and apply truths about God’s word to their lives.  I pray that they hide these words in their hearts so that when they are old, they will not depart from them.   I pray also that they will learn the value of hard work, of not giving up, and of setting a goal and working hard to obtain it. IMG_7841


  1. I love it! It's times like this that make us so happy to be moms!

  2. Scott (a.k.a Circus Dad)Sunday, May 02, 2010

    and dads!!

  3. Good for him! You must be very proud.
    P.S. Look how cute you are with your baby bump!

  4. he looks SO proud! way to go! i know this is quite an accomplishment. for both his and you! and speaking of you... how cute is that belly?!

  5. Crystal,

    What a delight to watch your son this past year in Kids Quest! So happy he's got his eyes "on the prize" (if you get my double meaning :) )! Thank you, again, for your servant's heart and for teaching our kids so lovingly! Ethan loved coming to class each Sunday night!


  6. THanks for teaching Holly. She was telling her friends today that she didn't get her t shirt but next year she will have to work harder and get it.

  7. Wow, his smile really is beaming! I'm so proud of him. I kept telling Megan how proud I was of her hard work too! She donned the t-shirt right away last night and asked to wear it to school today. She loves it! Thank you for your dedication to this class.

  8. What an awesome accomplishment for your young man! He looks thrilled in all the pictures, but I especially love that last one. His smile just lights up a room, doesn't it?

    And you, my sweet pregnant friend, are looking radiant! I love your skirt and I love love love your baby belly! So cute!

  9. Good for him!!!! That is a huge accomplishment! And yes, that is my prayer for my kids too, that they will not only know Gods word, but apply it to their life as well.

  10. Way to go little man!! He looks so proud of that accomplishment. It is great that he worked so hard to reach his goal. Thanks for working so hard to help him learn :-) Love the pictues - they are really worth the 1000 words!! You look great with baby #4 bump.

  11. Oh how happy he looks - Good job Mommy this is so nice to be able to follow you Can`t wait to see #4


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