Flashback Friday: Labor Stories Part 3


By the third time around, one would think that a gal would have the whole labor thing down pat.

One would think….

About a week or so before my due date, I started having contractions…nothing super painful, but enough to make we wonder, “What if this ends up being it?”  This time around the van was vacuumed well in advance, so no early morning trips to the gas station for Scott to clean the car before heading to the doctors.  BUT, we didn’t get a good shot of my belly towards the end of the pregnancy.  (Seems I’ve discovered there is always SOMETHING to stress about right before having a baby).   So, at 3am I woke Scott to tell him I was in labor ask him to take my picture.  

Yes, I was freaking out that the contractions would turn into real contractions and by that point I wouldn’t feel like posing for a cute preggo belly shot and then this poor child would be the only one without a picture in Momma’s belly.

So, I brushed my hair, changed clothes, and freshened up my make up at 3 am so we could take the all important profile belly shot. 

Here it is:  (This picture is saved on our hard drive in a folder my husband entitled Neurotic Crystal).

baby 3 

Turns out the contractions went away and we could have waited till morning to take this shot.  But, really, what kind of story would that make?

Several days later the contractions returned.  I was fairly certain this was it so we called my in laws to come and watch the kids and off to the hospital we went.

Only as we drove to the hospital, we noticed that my contractions were slowing down. 


By the time we made the long 10 min trek to the hospital both of us had a sinking suspicion, this wasn’t it.   So we walked around the hospital.  We walked the halls for awhile, then decided to walk around the perimeter of the building.  We must have looked ridiculous to anyone who saw us, as this 9 mth pregnant women was walking around the parking lots and parking garages.   Eventually we went to the Dr office b/c I knew there was no reason to go to triage. 

But, we switched OB’s yet again after delivering my daughter, and this practice oddly wouldn’t admit me if I wasn’t in real labor.  In fact, they wouldn’t even see me. 

So, home we went… I of course cried the whole way home because I felt stupid and because I wanted this to be it and it wasn’t and did I mention, I felt stupid?   Scott took me out for bagels then we went home.  Scott stuck around awhile to play with the kids while I took a nap.  He really is the world’s best husband.

2 days later I had some friends over… the kids were all out on the back deck and the moms were talking…I noticed the contractions coming back again, but wasn’t going to get my hopes up too much.  My friends stuck around awhile and I confided to one that I thought, this might be it.  It was in fact 2 days after my due date and all.   We fed the kids, cleaned up lunch, everyone left and I put my 2 down for naps.  I called Scott b/c at this point they were pretty regular and consistent.    Scott came home a little while later and we knew this was it.  

We called for back up to watch the kiddos as we got ready to go to the hospital, but none of the people we had lined up were answering their phones.  We got a hold of Scott’s dad at work, an hour away, and he promised to head straight to our house.  We kept calling to see if we could find anyone closer to help.  Eventually, we got a hold of Scott’s grandparents. They kindly offered to come to our house and wait with the kids while Scott’s dad drove to the house.  We assured them it shouldn’t be too hard as we just put the kids down for naps.

Of course when they got to our house, I was bowled over with contractions and my daughter wasn’t napping but instead was crying.   We apologetically handed her off to Scott’s grandpa and to the hospital we went.

At the hospital they confirmed I was 3 cm dilated and having contractions.  Though my contractions were not consistent.  I was sent to walk the halls.  I was admitted and they broke my water.  I then got the epidural. 

Life was good. 

(We discovered through watching my contractions on the monitor that my contractions never really get consistent, even at the very end).  About 4 and half hours after going to triage, I was ready to push.  The nurse called the doc and he promptly came in the room.  As he was putting on his gloves, the nurse told me to take a practice push.  The doc looked over from across the room and said, “No more practicing… I see the head!”  3 pushes later and we had our baby girl!!  IMG_2822

It was love at first sight for all of us.  Big Happy Family

Sisters meet

sisters meet

Protective big brother I Love Little Sisters

Everybody Loves her

Her big brother and sister loved her instantly and she has brought such joy and laughter into all of our lives. 

Now we prepare to welcome the newest circus cast member to our family in just a few short weeks.  Can't wait to share that story with you all!! 

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  1. I just love that you're posting these so close to your newest labor story coming to life! I've enjoyed reading all of them :)!

  2. Crystal, I'm seriously all teared over here. First, I was laughing my head off at "Neurotic Crystal" but then you sent me the other direction with the first picture of her. And then of protective big brother and her. And the big happy family. It was just too much. Goosebumps, then tears, then "I WANT TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY SOMEDAY" syndrome. Yep, Derek is going to forbade me from reading Life At The Circus.

    Oh, and the everybody loves her picture? I can totally see why. She's just absolutely perfect and precious and Circus Baby #4 is going to send me over the hormonal edge I fear. But I can't wait. I simply can't wait. If Derek, let's me back on here, that is! :-)

  3. That reminds me of one of my births! I was sure it was "it" but soon, they went away. It always happens when you least expect it to!!! I can picture the hustle & bustle of you trying to find out who can watch your kids!!!!

  4. I love your birth stories. Can't wait to hear the next one :)

  5. Can I just say - I LOVE your flashbacks to these wonderful days!!!!!! So looking forward to the arrival and story of Baby #4 :-) Will have the car packed and ready to hit the pike :-)
    Love you all.

  6. That was so timely for me. I keep hearing the 3rd is tricky - and so I am learning, as I have had contractions every night for the past 2 weeks. And each time, I just sit there - tell no one - and pray that this is it. Then I wake up in the middle of the night because I need to go pee - not because I need to have a baby. *sigh*.

  7. Even with 7, my mom was still never sure it was "it" (that could have something to do with the fact that I am pretty sure she could sneeze and pop out a baby... but that's just a theory) : )

  8. Oh, my dear friend.

    I have LOVED reading every one of these and seeing your pictures. SO precious and unique - each story and new little life coming into your family.

    SO excited for you as you await this newest little one. (Ok, so I'm excited for the rest of us, too, who are anxiously awaiting this little one, too! LOL!)

  9. You fit so nicely into my midwife's theory about labors. The first is HARD, the second is a gift, and the third is unpredictable. Can I say that since I am expecting my third, I hope she's wrong! Can't wait!!!

  10. I remember that you looked so great just hours after having her! I like how your picture is stored under "nuerotic crystal" ahaha

  11. My cell phone is on and charged. The trips down memory lane have been so fun. Thanks
    Love you all

  12. I love that you decided to relive your labor stories with us. :) You write them so well. I, too, am with Happy and laughed at your 3 am picture (which, by the way, you look FABULOUS in, and way too awake. I was never that perky during my last month of pregnancy, let alone the last few days... but I digress) but then I got so sentimental with those pictures. Priceless. I don't know who took them, but they are something else.

  13. LOL You had me scared I thought I missed something. It read so real. you sure have a time....

  14. It has been so fun to read all these stories! I have to admit I got home from work on Friday and was like, "Birth Story #3 must be up!!" :) So excited to hear #4.

  15. I cracked up at you waking up for a belly photo shoot at 3am! Love all the pictures of the three kids - something so sweet about seeing all of them together for the first time! Love all your labor stories - I've been planning to write mine (all two of them) one of these days!

  16. That "Lynn" was me. ;o)

    How sweet is that protective older brother picture? Seriously.

  17. ahhhh,...makes me get all weepy! I can't wait, wait, wait to meet your baby!


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