Careful How You Advertise


Last week at church they gave an advertisement for our upcoming Vacation Bible School.   I was a few minutes late so I missed the announcement.  When I sat down my son said, “I do not want to go to VBS this year!” 

I couldn’t figure out why.  My son said, “It’s not going to be anything like last year… it’s an adventure camp.” 

Figuring he must have been intimidated by the adjectives they used to describe it, I told him it is going to be really fun.

“No Mom,” he said, “you don’t know, they said this is not your Mom’s VBS.”

At this point I had to chuckle.  Having not heard the announcement, I could only surmise what they said and just had to laugh at how their clever wording and advertising completely turned off my very literal 6 yr old.

I am now working very hard to overcome the pulpit announcement and convince my son that it will be a lot like last year and even though it’s not your Mom’s VBS, and therefore I seem to have no expertise with which to draw on to make this claim, it really will be fun. 

We’ve got 6 weeks till Vacation Bible School…wish me luck!


  1. That is so funny. You'll have to keep us posted. : )

  2. I didn't care for the It's not your Mom's VBS part either and I'm on the planning commitee. I got out voted. Bill Evans wanted us to change the name to make it more non-church friendly. Tell your son that it is the same as the past years, no worries just with a big party on Friday.

  3. luke would have totally reacted the same way--being one to resist change--he would have been very intimidated by the words "adventure" and "not your mom's" conjuring up all sorts of images of him being forced to do all kinds of crazed things he doesn't want to do all the while wondering why they would change something that did not seem to be broken. so, i understand. i am sure that in the 6 weeks that remain--you will be very successful in convincing him that all remains the same and that it's all about "spin" :-) like when they put a new picture on the cheerios box--same cereal--just trying to get new eaters :-). warms my heart that you are going to be having a similar convo that i have had with luke on many occasions :-)

  4. that is hilarious, Crystal! i can picture your son all worked up about it. he is such a sponge - taking in every little detail. i'm sure your stellar-mommy-reasoning skills will prevail. alot can change in 6 weeks. :)

  5. or tell him that you are soooooo old, and vbs wasn't fun back in your day... and now it's super fun and worthy of a name change, hehe!


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