Another Reason I Love Annapolis


Each year the Blue Angels perform a show at the Naval Academy in celebration of commissioning week.  Taking the kids to watch the show has become one of my favorite Annapolis traditions.

IMG_8322 - Copy  They fly so close you see the pilot!

IMG_8324  Scott says I have to point the crazy small distance between the wings of the first plane and the cockpit of the next – They do corkscrew loops in that formation!

IMG_8326 - Copy 

This one is my sons favorite.  They head for each other so fast you are sure they are going to hit.

IMG_8392  IMG_8393 IMG_8394

These three capture the gist of Scotts favorite trick.  In the one below each plane goes on to do a full 360 loop and they all end up right back where they started.


The whole show is incredible (and free).  We all love the tricks and Scott is always sure to mention what an engineering feet the jets are.  While I have to agree the jets play an integral part, my favorite site isn’t in the sky.

IMG_8343 IMG_8363   IMG_8398IMG_8374IMG_8372  IMG_8364IMG_8354


  1. Wow, great photos! Were you shooting from the Navy side? We were at the 450 bridge on the other side of the river, and had a decent view, but I think not as good had we been on the naval base.

  2. Cute. This is a great tradition. You know you're kids aren't going to take a nap during the show so you might as well take them. :) Thanks for reminding/introducing all of us.

  3. Your fantastic pictures captured the event well - but especially the joy of your kids. Looks like it was a hot day!!!

  4. Is that Daddy's Grove City cap?
    I love it that my son takes better shots than his Mon. Son, you rock. As for the circus Mom - you are amazing. Love the joy on the little faces.

  5. OH they are beautiful pictures I think I am going to put it on my Moving picture fram. Think of me every time you see them. Loved your letter as usual..

  6. Oh, I am so jealous. I think they have a day when they do their stunts in MN, but I'm not exactly sure! How cool. I LOVE how happy your kids look even though it's so LOUD! And you are looking fabuloso! (is that a word?)

  7. Those air shows are so cool! We used to watch them in Moffett Field!


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