Our Half Life Anniversary Excursion


Scott and I started dating our senior year of high school, when we were both 17.  A few years ago we were out for an anniversary date and realized that we were approaching the point in our life when we would have been together as much of our life as we weren’t together.  We decided we wanted to celebrate such a momentous occasion and so we (and by we, I really mean Scott) calculated out when exactly that would be… our dates are different since we don’t share the same birthday.  My half life mark was this past weekend, Friday May 30th marked the day I had been with Scott as many days of my life as I hadn’t… I’m happy to say I’ve now been with him MORE days than without… Since my “half life anniversary” coincided with the weekend of our wedding anniversary, it seemed to make the most sense to go all out for my half life anniversary… Scott’s is in July and I already have the date marked on our calendar so we can go out for a special date. 

We had earned some free miles with Southwest and so we could fly anywhere Southwest flies for free!  This was kind of overwhelming as we tried to figure out where to go.  I could think of some places I wanted to go that SW didn’t fly… I thought of several places that SW flies, that we’ve been to and loved, but we wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been and somewhere where we wouldn’t have to rent a car. Since I try to avoid the sun as much as possible, we opted out of a beach location….

We decided on St Louis, Mo.  because I have been wanting to see that arch for years. 




We had a really relaxing, laid back, fun weekend away.  It was like a giant date weekend… We visited 2 microbreweries while we were there.  Microbreweries are a favorite date spot for us.  We enjoyed the art museum, Forest Park, the zoo, the arch, and the museum of westward expansion.  We made good use of the metro rail system and got lots of miles of walking in.  I even read a book this weekend and started another on my flight home. 


  I truly enjoyed the unstructured, unrushed time alone with Scott.  I greatly enjoy sharing life with him.  I am grateful to have him by my side for the hustle and bustle of life as we raise four kids… drive them to and from practice, educate them, feed them and enjoy them.  I love embracing the chaos with him.  But, I also greatly enjoy stepping away from the chaos for awhile and just enjoying him and I am grateful we were able to do that this weekend.



  1. We are SO GLAD that you truly enjoyed your anniversary get-away!! Beautiful blog post and terrific pictures.

  2. What a great way to celebrate :) Congrats to both of you on this great milestone!

  3. You guys are such an inspiration! I love watching you enjoy life together!


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