Our Class Clown

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It seems to be that when you have more than one child… their differences sometimes seem to shine out, and they can kind of fall into different roles.  The peacemaker, the organizer…. not that I am advocating type casting your children or anything.  I know they can all play different roles at different times.

However, when I asked the kids to pose for a picture at the strawberry patch the other day, my youngest displayed his true colors…

“Kids, gather together with your strawberries in front of the strawberry patch so Momma can take a picture.”

And this is what I get.


That would be my little class clown on the left.

And judging by the smiles and laughter he got from his siblings, he got exactly the reaction he was going for and all the encouragement he needed to begin his career as comedian.

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  1. WOW!! Turning four really brought out his character LOL :-)


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