Happy Fathers Day Circus Dad

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They saying becoming a parent changes you.   It does.  Truly, nothing can prepare you for it. 

I remember so well the day our first born child entered the world.   I remember all the nerves and excitement. One of the things that surprised me the most about becoming a mom was how much I fell even more in love with Scott on that day.  I already loved him to pieces.  He was already all I could have wanted and more in a husband. 

And then he held my hand and coached me through child birth.   

And my love for him grew to heights I didn’t know existed. 

Seriously, I remember sitting in my hospital bed that night, holding my baby boy and thinking, “Scott is the most amazing man I know. I could never have gotten through today without him.”  

Circus Dad

And now, 10 years and 3 more children later, I feel the same way.  I can not imagine going through the journey of parenthood without Scott by my side.   

His is the voice of reason, when I want to veer more towards irrational.  He is wise beyond his years and so intentional in all he does.  I appreciate that so much about him. 

He’s the dad who sings silly ballads to the kids when they come down with sleepy eyes at breakfast.  He’s the dad that you can hear yelling above all the others when the girls are competing in a gymnasium full of people.   He’s the dad that comes home for lunch more times than not, just so he can spend some time with the kids in the middle of the day.   He’s the dad that will use his vacation time to go with us to see the Elephant Parade in Baltimore or the Blue Angels in Annapolis.  He’s the dad that will buy his girl a cat and put up with a liter box in his master bathroom, when he really doesn’t like cats at all.  He’s the dad that lets his kids treat him like a jungle gym.  He fully embraces the chaos that is our life at this stage and all that entails and he cherishes every minute of it. 


I am so grateful to have him by my side as we raise our children.  I hope and pray that our sons grow up to be just like him and that our daughters are as fortunate as I was to find such a man to marry and raise a family with.  My heart is full of gratitude at the immense gift and blessing he is to our family.

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