Spring is Here!!


When I walked outside today and felt warmth, my heart was instantly happy.  It’s a balmy 75 degrees today and I.LOVE.IT!!  This is my ideal temp.  I love being able to walk around in flip flops and head out the door without thought of a jacket.  I love not being at all chilly. 

So of course when I picked the kids up from tutorial today, I brought my trusty ball cap because I knew we’d be staying after for football, and flower picking, chatting with friends, and the latest development in after school play time….dancing in the parking lot.

They were blasting dance music from the van and doing a little cha-cha slide.


Then it was off to Sonic for Happy Hour… 60 cents for a slushie?   Yes, please.


And just when we thought  it couldn’t get any better… our friends from tutorial pulled up beside us… seems like everyone thought it was a good day for Sonic.


Hooray for Spring!!!



  1. Feel the same way!!! So happy to see spring flowers and a walk without a coat. Looks like the kiddos were quite happy.

  2. We get 1day spring then back to cold weather for 3or4. I am waiting for spring then summer. tell everyone Hello. Mema


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