Keeping it Real


I am def in count down mode for summer. 

Break couldn’t get here fast enough.

This time of year, I find we are all weary and the days seem to be oh so long.   With the end in sight, I thought I’d post some real life pictures of our homeschooling day.  Because soon I’ll have the happy end of the year we did it pictures up… and I want to be real.  We don’t look like that every day. Those are the “we just crossed the finish line” shots… Here are the “right smack in the middle of the race” shots.

We look like this.


Yes, this is what our school table, floor and living room look like all day on Tues, Thursday, and Friday.

And this is what our kitchen looks like on those same days.  EVERY WEEK.


We start school right after breakfast and go till right before we have to head out the door for gymnastics or piano (depending on the day of the week).  We try to have the book bags packed before we leave for the evening, but it really depends on if we finished in time.  I never, ever have the dishes done… by the time I make breakfast, lunch, and a quick snack.. all I do is end up adding to the pile rather than diminishing it.

And by the time we get home from piano, gymnastics, and or Cub Scouts… it oddly still looks like this and then I add MORE dishes to the mess by making dinner… then I am typically too pooped to do anything about it and it becomes my first order of business after I get home from dropping the kids off at tutorial.  (Thanks goodness for school at the building days… without I don’t think I could keep my house from imploding).

We sit around the table for part of the day and then we tend to scatter for others parts…


photo (16)

Lately, there has been a whole lot of grumbling and complaining… back talking… arguing and more of Momma losing her temper or using her mean voice than I care to admit. 

But, we press on.  3 weeks left till summer vacation.  We can do it.  We will do it.  And I am determined to finish well.  So, when you see those euphoric finish line shots at the end of May… remember the rest of the picture. 



  1. Crystal,

    You have snuck into my house and taken pictures of it, haven't you? You are describing our life to a tee. I am so thankful you're keeping it real, because I was feeling like it's just us.

    Jessie M.

  2. Um, so I don't homeschool and I don't have four kids. What's my excuse for piles and piles of dishes? So many dirty dishes that once I almost decided to by more dishes because we didn't have enough. But, of course, we have plenty. We just didn't have any clean.

  3. So glad it is not just me ;-)
    More often than not, we race out the door to school/sitter/work and the dishes are still in the sink, the laundry is piled up on the table or in piles on the floor to be folded and the beds are never made. By the time we get home and add supper to the mess, there are too many dishes for the dishwasher and I'm too tired to hand wash the extras so they get rinsed and placed neatly in the sink. I just have to shake me head, laugh a little and remind myself that these days won't last forever. Right now we are living life. We are healthy and happy so I'll take it.


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