Sometimes I forget


Since birth she’s always been trying to keep up with the older two.  And most of the time,  because she can hold her own with them, I think of her and treat her like she’s older than she really is. 

One night last week as we went in to peek on her before going to bed we saw her sleeping in her bed with her stuffed animals and dolls lying all around her… it was a little nest of sorts with her in the middle of her beloved toys.  “This is the stuff we’ll forget,”  Scott whispered to me.  When she gets older, we’ll forget these little cute things like her sleeping in a pool of baby dolls and fuzzy friends.

I forget sometimes that she’s still just 5. 

And then she does stuff like this and I chuckle and remember she’s still just 5.


Scott found this bowl of water on her bed Monday morning.  What in the world was she doing with a bowl full of water on her bed he started to ask. 

“It’s for my whale Daddy.  It’s his home.”

Of course… she got a whale toy in her happy meal on Sunday… and of course… since whales live in water, she put it in a bowl of water… and since she was so excited about her new toy, she brought it to bed with her.  And since she is 5, this seemed like a perfectly normal thing to do.


Oh, how I love her, and her reminders that’s she still  just 5.


  1. That sweet face and nature is so precious.

  2. She is such a delight!! Look at that sweet face and smile. And of course her whale needs a home in water - in her bed :-)

  3. It is hard to remember how young they are but She is so cute but she keeps up with them when she wants to Love them all. It is hard to remember your youngest is as young as he is also.


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