Tee Shirt Love


Scott has been a huge help and support to me this week… taking time off of work so I can rest up (apparently surgery takes more out of you, then you anticipate)… driving the kids to their activities, helping with school, and meals and cleaning up… So, today, I thought I’d show my appreciation and wear my “My Husband Rocks” tee shirt. 

My 7 year old looked at my shirt, read it aloud and said, “So, why did you wear that today?”  I told her I just wanted to say thanks to Daddy for all his help this week while I was healing.

Hmmmm.  she replied, “So, why don’t you have a ‘My Kids Rock’ tee shirt?”


  1. Such a great kid response!!! I'm sure that they were helpful this week for you too.

  2. He is smart WE will have to make 1. so she can put it on and just put the num. on for the day of her pretty rucks,


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