Mr. Clean Once Again Proves Himself to be a Worthy tool in the Arsenal of Motherhood


I don’t really know what it is that possesses a child to just randomly on a whim pick up that crayon and suddenly decide to make the world (or in this case the bathroom) his canvas.  We have crayons out every single day in our house.  I do my best when I see a stray one on the floor to nab it lest it suddenly look inviting to my toddler.  But, truly they are laying on the school table, in reach, every single day. 

And pretty much most of the time, he leaves them be.  Or colors on paper or his coloring books.  It’s not like every day I find him scribbling on my walls.  (for if I did, you better believe I wouldn’t be leaving those crayons lying about)

So, what was it today that made that blue crayon call out to him? 

What possessed him to literally paint the down blue?

It was a classic homeschooling momma moment.  One child was practicing piano, the other working on a handwriting sheet (lest this sound picture perfect, let me tell you that the child not on the piano was loudly complaining that the piano was too loud and she couldn’t concentrate).  “Great, I thought… I’ll run up and grab the  sheets off his bed so I can throw them in the wash, while they bicker do their assignments”  As I started up the stairs, I noticed my 2 year old scribbling on my dining room chair.  He noticed me too, b/c he instantly stopped, tried to cover it up and smiled sweetly at me.

Great, I thought. Forget the sheets… and the bickering… I’ve got another problem to tackle. 

As I confronted him about what he was doing he lied… so as I confronted him about lying and coloring on my furniture, I noticed he smelled a little funny too… as I checked his pants, I noticed he was missing his underwear… I then thought to myself, “shoot I don’t think I followed up on him when he went to the potty awhile ago”  (I told you this was a classic homeschooling Momma moment… this is the real deal… not the Norman Rockwell version)  So I went to the bathroom to grab a wipe and noticed soap running down the wall outside the bathroom… taking a deep breath, I opened the bathroom to find this.


and thisIMG_0110

and this

photo (12)

and this

photo (10)

and this

photo (11)

Blue crayon on the wall, toilet seat, toilet bowl, toilet lid, toilet paper, and bathroom sink. 

Clearly I was right and never followed up on him after I put him in the bathroom awhile ago… who knows when that was

As I grabbed the magic eraser (which works on walls AND on porcelain by the way) he turned his back to me and wouldn’t admit his wrong doing. 

I didn’t have him scrub it up b/c I knew that would be a reward for him, so he sat and I scrubbed. 

It was therapeutic actually. 

Finally, after an incredibly, long time… he conceded that it was him and finally I got him to apologize.  Meanwhile in the background there was the ever pleasant, piano, no piano debate going on. 

All I can say is 1 more day till Spring Break!!!!!!!! 

And this momma/teacher needs it in a MAJOR way!


  1. I don't know how you stay so calm! I get so worked up about these things. Katie loves to color on walls, furniture, bed clothes, the list goes on. She loves to color on paper, too, but when that bores out! And if I am trying to be task oriented instead of them oriented, ugh...I lose my patience. '

    You are such a good momma!

    And yes, Magic Erasers are the best invention EVER. Just bought an eight pack box today at Wal-Mart.

  2. Ugh! What a morning for you! I guess I never thought about all of the writable surfaces available to a toddler in the bathroom. You're a trooper, dear Crystal. :)

  3. Excellent blog post. I definitely love this site. Keep it up!


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