Mr Sneaky


So, it turns out we have a sneak here at the circus.

Yes, behind this adorable smile is actually a rather devious little chocolate hoarder. 

Earlier this week the kids received a package of chocolate from their cousins for Valentines day.  I let them all have one after lunch and then we put the box up on the counter for later.    Later that evening when the kids wanted another piece after dinner the box was no where to be found.  We found an empty bottom half of the box, but the top half (with the chocolate) was MIA.  We checked the trash and every single Mommy candy hiding place I could think of with no luck.

I figured it would turn up eventually, so we gave up searching.

Then the next day I found my little man pretending to sleep on the couch.  IMG_9747

“How cute,” I thought to myself.  I also remembered I had seen him doing the same thing the afternoon before.  “Ah, what a funny little game he’s playing sleeping on there couch.”  When he noticed me he kinda popped up and looked my way.  I (completely ignorant of the wool being pulled over my eyes) smiled sweetly at him and said what a sweet boy he was on the couch. 

When I walked over to turn on the stereo, I noticed one of the speakers was down by his head and when I went to move it,  I discovered that missing chocolate!


He smiles b/c he knows he pulled one over on Mommy.


Oh, I gotta watch out for this one… stealing candy, hiding it under blankets on the couch, returning to steal some more the next day… he is gonna keep me on my toes!


  1. Oh my goodness! If I had seen him, I would have found my own blanket, cuddled up next to him and pretended to sleep, too! I used to be the worst at sneaking chocolate in my house. You're lucky I had any left to send you! Who knew our (very belated) Valentines mail would bring out such true colors. Ha!

  2. Oh NO!!! A chocoholic! Auch a cute one too I can relate. But I bet it won't go over well with the other 3 siblings.

  3. Smiling big - wish my mouth was full of chocolate right now. 8-)


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